Laura & DruAnn Inspire You With Their Why

Laura & DruAnn Inspire You With Their Why #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #YourWhy #InspiresYou

We are clear on our \’What\’ we do and \’How\’ we do it, but our \’Why\’ keeps us doing it with love and commitment. Our ‘Why’ is our driving force. It creates the roadmap in our hearts to fully live out our potential.

Your \’why\’ is what makes you a lighthouse!

Meet two inspiring women who are changing lives every day by living their \’why\’ on purpose.

After you have seen what Laura and Dru Ann have to say, inspire others by sharing Your Why in the comments below!

Laura Probert

Wake up. Be brave. Heal your shit. Do what you love.

Laura Probert, MPT is a licensed, holistic physical therapist, published author, poet, artist, awareness coach and second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She’s the author of Living, Healing and Taekwondo and the Warrior Journal series. She’s also a co-author in two fabulous compilations. She’s a contributor for The Huffington Post, Wild Sister Magazine, MindBodyGreen, The Wellness Universe, Tiny Buddha, Black Belt Magazine and Elephant Journal, among others. She’s serious about integrating mind body and soul as a journey to passion and power, and she’ll show you how. (Click on Laura\’s name to read more and connect with her)


Dru Ann Welch

Now is the time to take control, to change your thoughts and change your life

Dru Ann is an Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Tarot / Oracle Reader and Intuitive Counselor. She is also a Crystal Singing Bowl/Sound Healing Practitioner.

Dru Ann began her spiritual awakening in 2002 and has never looked back. Along the way she learned that thoughts are things and what you believe helps shape your life. In approaching healing, she works with her clients to shift thought and belief patterns to remove energy blockages and to create a healthier and more fulfilled life. (Click on Dru Ann\’s name to learn more and connect with her)

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Share with us your why. Tell us what you do. Are you a stay at home mom or a supreme court judge? No role is insignificant because you have a ‘why’ you do it. Inspire the readers on The Wellness Universe around the world in the comments below.

This is not a contest. You won’t win anything, but what you do get is a wonderful sense of sharing your story and helping someone else to have the confidence to pursue their ‘why’ too.

Thank you!

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