Life Mastery Soul Memos with David McLeod

Returning to Flow

Welcome to Life Mastery Soul Memos, Episode 25! Each month, WU World-Changer and Life Mastery Coach, David McLeod shares a new soul memo with you!

Episode 25, September 2022: Returning to Flow

One of the challenges that I have—and maybe you do too—is something that many people refer to as “monkey mind.” You probably already know what I’m talking about here but let me just describe a scenario for you.

Say you are outside, maybe walking your dog, or hiking in the hills, or enjoying a sunny day on the beach. No matter what you might be doing, imagine that you stop for a moment to just observe the clouds. You turn your gaze to the sky and start noticing the position, shape, and movement of these white puffs of water vapor as they drift across the sky.

(Please watch the video for more!)

If you wish to quiet your mind, the first thing to do is simply to observe your thoughts just as you might observe the clouds in the sky. As each thought arrives, welcome it and honor it without creating a story or agenda about it. If you can simply observe without agenda, then the thought will tend to dissolve or fade away or simply move on. If you literally entertain the thought, then you will be actively inviting other thoughts into play that will keep you distracted from the present moment. Just keep bringing your awareness back to the current thought and allow it to pass through your mind without any story or agenda.

Remember, thoughts are irrepressible, and they will continue to arise in your mind. You are always at choice about how much time and energy you will give to your random thoughts. If you want to defuse your “monkey mind,” then practice observing your thoughts without attachment. In this way, they will move right past your awareness, and you will gently return to the delightful state of flow.

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