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Resilience for Harmony

The Wellness Universe presents Resilience for Harmony: Tools, Tips, and Exercises for Well-being, produced, created, and hosted by Leah Skurdal, featuring esteemed speakers in the self-care industry: Carol Pilkington, Carolyn McGee, Debbie Prediger, Nicole Batiste, and David McLeod sharing self-care resources and how to fortify your resilience.

Introducing Featured Resilience Speaker … Debbie Prediger

Part 4/5 – Essential Oils to Empower YOU 

Written by Leah Skurdal

“Our thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to emotions. Change your thoughts, change your reality, change your life!” encourages Empowerment Leader and Strategist Debbie Prediger.

Have you tried to change your thoughts and found yourself stuck in an old pattern of emotions? You’re caught navigating between family challenges at home as the nurturing, caregiver for parents, children, and grandchildren, while simultaneously managing employees, contracts, deadlines, and employer expectations at work. Throw in a few emotions and there’s a recipe for a migraine.

Our perspectives of life’s experiences determine whether we see a situation as a good thing or bad which contributes to our emotional response. Debbie asks, “what if it wasn’t either good or bad? What if our minds don’t have to search for good, bad, right, wrong, safe, or unsafe? How freeing would it be if we could learn to shift our thoughts, and perspectives, take our power back, and know we can choose the emotional state we live in?” Love, peace, gratitude, and joy are all choices available to each of us.

Feelings are much like waves.
We can’t stop them from coming,
but we can choose which one to surf.
~ Jonatan Mårtensson

Wouldn’t it be great to feel empowered by choice?

Your choice comes when you are aware of the emotion you are feeling, and you decide which emotion you want to feel. Debbie teaches: You’re feeling fear, but you want to feel confidence, peace, or joy. Choose it with intention. Be that emotion you’ve chosen. Declare it, step into it, embody it. BE IT! Be Love, Be Peace, Be empowerment = Be the leader.

How do you get to a place of choice when you’re feeling stuck? Discover the tool of pure essential oils to reset, realign to your core values, and reconnect to the resilience your emotional body seeks. When empowered with love, peace, and joy, a deep, grounded, harmony emerges from tapping into this resilience.

Debbie Prediger is an Empowerment Leader and Strategist specializing in helping world-changers, thought-leaders, visionaries, way-showers, and healers realize their highest path and calling. She is an international best-selling author, speaker, workshop facilitator, emcee, and virtual events producer, empowering YOU, to have the freedom to decide, declare and go after the life YOU desire. Debbie will be speaking at Resilience for Harmony on using essential oils to shift your energy state and choose your emotion with intention.

Connect with Debbie:

Debbie enthusiastically hosts Business Momentum & Strategy live, empowering you, heart-led business-minded entrepreneur, twice a month! Enroll today

Join us and be enriched by the strategies and conversations during our 90-minute special event. You will have the opportunity to participate in self-care and resilience-building exercises in our interactive and workshop-style event. Resilience for Harmony: Tools, Tips & Exercises for Well-Being will take place Saturday, September 10, 2022, 10-11:30amET.
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Those who attend live will be eligible to receive free gifts and prizes donated by the presenters.

This donation-based event is supported by a pay-what-you-can structure to support anyone seeking self-development. Donate at registration, during the live event, and at your convenience, as you experience the support you seek to attain harmony. Free seats for those in need. Available to all who would like to attend.

Mark your calendars:
Resilience for the Holidays: Tools, Tips & Exercises for Well-being December 10, 2022

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