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Life Mastery Soul Memos Episode 9: Proactive Projection

Projection is a very interesting psychological phenomenon that virtually everyone knows about even if they aren’t necessarily familiar with the term itself. Psychology describes projection as a kind of defense mechanism; in order to avoid the pain of acknowledging a “bad thing” within ourselves, we deny or repress it and then unconsciously observe it in other people.

In my view, projection is not necessarily a negative or undesirable phenomenon; in fact, people who understand and appreciate the power of projection can use it proactively and deliberately as a tool for personal growth.

As I see it, there are three basic forms of projection: shared experience, empathy, and judgment or shadow. In the video, I go into some detail about each of these types of projection. I would say that, absent some form of pathological disability, most people are familiar with all of these forms of projection, even if they’ve never actually stopped to contemplate the subject.

As you watch the video, see if you find yourself resonating with the concept, and see what you learn about using projection in your own growth journey.

One of the great gifts in projection is that it reveals to us qualities and characteristics of ourselves that might otherwise remain hidden in our subconscious. Bringing awareness, acceptance, and love to all of these aspects enable us to know ourselves more deeply. With the expansion of our self-knowledge, we actually begin to express and experience our whole selves much more fully, and this helps us to increase our sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy in life. Take the time to observe and understand your own projections, and you too will begin to experience the gifts that they contain!

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