Messages from the Light – Are You Settling?

Are You Settling? Marisa Ferrera

Are you settling?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? You have likely heard these words before and if you attempted to answer this question, you likely came up with all kinds of reasons why you could never achieve what you really want. What if you could remove all those blocks and excuses for not moving in the direction of the desires you buried deep within you because you feel it is simply unattainable?

Are you willing to do the work to remove the limitations that you placed on yourself or are you going to choose to live with your excuses and settle for what you believe you can achieve? It is a choice you know, and if you look around you, you will see those who have chosen to remain stuck in their limiting thoughts and beliefs and others who have broken free. The only difference between them is the choices they made, and you too have the opportunity to choose.

We are not saying it will be easy and yet if you are willing, to be honest with yourself, you will have to admit that staying stuck isn’t easy either. It’s just more familiar to you because you have learned to adapt to living this way, even if it brings you little joy.

Why settle when there is so much more available to you? If others have been able to tap into their inner power to access all that is available to them, then you can too. You have to want it enough to be willing to let go of your fears and everything else that is stopping you. You do not have to do this alone. There are those around you who can show you the way and we, of course, are always here to guide you as well.

What step will you take today to free yourself from your self-inflicted limitations? What will you do to wake yourself up from your slumber? You were born to live a vibrant and fulfilling life as you share your natural gifts and talents with the world. It is not too late.

Marisa’s Musings

I’m proud of the work I’ve done over the years to remove blocks that were along my path allowing me to experience so much joy in my life. When I look back at who I was as a child and young adult, I don’t even recognize her. I often felt sad and afraid, and I had no self-confidence, no self-esteem, and no voice.  I felt ugly, stupid, and unlovable.

If someone would have told me back then that one day I would earn a Master of Education Degree and after enjoying a teaching career for many years move to a foreign country where I would be living in my dream home and sharing my life with the love of my life, I would have thought they were crazy! And yet, that’s exactly what happened.

I didn’t get from where I was to where I am now by myself. I went to counseling, read many self-help and spiritual development books, and took a lot of risks. Was it easy? No. Was it worth what it took to get here? YES!!!!

What motivated me to choose to follow a new path in my life was the fear of ending up feeling sad, depressed, and alone for the rest of my life. I knew that if I wanted my life to be different then it was up to ME to make different choices so that’s what I did….one step at a time.

My journey taught me that it doesn’t really matter what our life or relationships look like when we start. What’s important is that we make a choice to get started and then keep making choices that lead us to where we want to be.

If you’re feeling stuck and uncertain about how to improve one or more challenging family relationships, I invite you to take an empowered step and make the choice right now to book a Complimentary Relationship Renewal Discovery Session.

During this session, I’ll help you uncover what might be in your way and give you some tips on how you can start transforming your relationship so it’s more in alignment with your heart’s desires.

Are you going to settle, or are you ready to take this step?

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