Messages from the Light – Finding Peace In Turbulent Times

Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

Given the current state of your world, is it surprising to see so many of you scrambling to find peace of mind? Nothing is more important than doing whatever needs to be done in order to find a place of stillness within. Without this stillness, you will continue to feel anxiety, stress, confusion, and often despair. You are a being of Light and yet you continue to walk in darkness bumping into things and hurting yourself and others.

You have the switch to turn on your Light. No one else can do this for you. It is up to you to flip this switch from off” to on” and once you do, you will be able to see more than you could have ever imagined. With this new vision, you will be able to utilize your gifts in ways you have never thought of before and it will be natural for you to do so.

Take time each day to go within and to still your mind. It will not be easy at first, for you are far too consumed with meaningless thoughts that appear to be so important to you. Do not worry if you are unable to still your mind, for the more you practice, the easier this will become. What is important here is that you commit to taking this time each day no matter what. Begin with even five minutes a day. You cannot say you do not have time to sit in stillness for five minutes. Increase this time to ten minutes and then 15 and gradually make your way to at least 30 minutes a day.

Do not fret if you find yourself bombarded with thoughts for this is natural. Keep in mind that oftentimes the thoughts that you think are not even yours but belong to others, for all thoughts create an energy that goes out into the Universe and is picked up by others. Simply allow your thoughts to be and observe them and let them go.

You will be amazed at what is underneath all the “noise” that has been occupying your mind for so long. It is the small, still voice within you that you have been unable to hear, and that will make itself known to you when you prepare yourself through stillness. This is the voice that is calling to you and that is being drowned out by all the thoughts that scream for your attention. Unless you take time to still your mind, you will never be able to hear the Truth that is buried within you and that speaks softly and often like a whisper.

Go now in peace and BE the peace you so desperately seek.

Marisas Musings

It took me years before I committed to a daily practice of meditation. I used to try it for a while and then after feeling as if nothing was happening, I would stop. I started and stopped more times than I can remember. I started with a Gratitude practice that I did for five minutes every morning as soon as I woke up, even before getting out of bed. I knew that once I got out of bed my mind would become too active and I wouldn’t do it. Once this became a natural part of my day, I started taking 10 to 15 minutes each day to listen to a guided meditation I found on a Meditation App or on YouTube.

Last August, I started reading and listening to “A Course in Miracles” as part of my daily practice. What’s interesting is that I was first introduced to the book over 20 years ago and even belonged to a study group for a short time. I gave the book away when I moved abroad since I found it difficult to understand. I’m grateful to have been led to Tina Spalding’s YouTube Channel where she shares a channeled message from Jesus following each of the daily lessons. This has helped me to better understand the teachings and how to apply them in my daily life.

My daily meditation practice has had a positive impact on my life. I feel so much more peaceful than in the past and I’m better able to observe what’s happening around me instead of reacting to it. I find it easier to connect with my inner guidance and make decisions based on this guidance, with less concern about what others might think of my choices. I feel a deeper love for myself and others and whenever I have an experience that brings up negative or unpleasant feelings within me, I’m able to move through my feelings and let them go more quickly than before and return to a state of peace.

Do you have a daily practice? If so, what practice do you and enjoy? How has it impacted your life?

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