Attract Miracles with Positive Thinking

There are endless benefits to thinking positively ranging from improved health, relationships, and overall outlook on life.

Since your thoughts create your reality, says the Law of Attraction, holding positive thoughts sends out the signal for positive experiences to come back to you. By one definition, a miracle is “a highly improbable or extraordinary event,” so let’s take a look at how the power of positive thinking is the solution to attracting miracles.

How Positive Thinking Helps Attract Miracles:

1. Positive thinking is an essential tool for life

It can help you pick yourself up from wherever you are and set you back on course. It then helps you to follow along and stay on course once you’re dialed in. It takes daily practice, but with that time and consistent effort, you cultivate a mental space ready for, and in allowance, of all things wonderful and miraculous.

2. Positive thinking opens your mind to more positive thoughts

As you follow the trail of positive thoughts, you train your mind to see more and more possibilities. If all you start seeing are solutions to everything, your faith will build as you continue to see “proof” of these infinite possibilities. Opening your mind to believing that anything is possible is what puts you in the realm of miracles.

3. Add in some undying faith and certainty, and you have yourself a recipe for a miracle!

Certainty is the key ingredient that many people aren’t aware of. We are told to believe, but that is only one component. It’s when you go a step further and are certain it is happening, that the miraculous solution already exists for you, that a whole new, powerful dynamic is introduced. At that point, it is only a matter of time before the miracle reveals itself to you.

This is yet another reason to keep thinking positive thoughts and remain certain; time is involved in creating miracles, and it is your job to remain in that state of openness and allowance for it to appear. Prepare yourself to receive the experience by being incredibly grateful for whatever miracle is coming your way.

Practice gratitude throughout the day and allow those thoughts and feelings to outshine any fear, doubt, or disbelief. If you are feeling doubtful or fearful or do not fully believe a miracle can happen for you, even if it does come to fruition, you won’t be able to see it as the miracle it is! By holding a positive vibration, you remain open to receiving clues that your miracle is upon you.

4. Follow any steps you are intuitively or instinctively guided towards

It’s steps that feel expansive and as though they could lead us to miraculous experiences which often do. It takes a positive mindset to recognize and receive this guidance, all the more reason to keep thinking those happy, feel-good thoughts. Being ready for the good news you’re wishing for keeps your mind searching for it, even if you don’t know exactly what or how it will happen.

The key is to remain in a positive mood or vibration by thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive feelings. Think of all the ways it could happen and allow them to fill you with the joy or relief you desire. Know that any ONE of those ideas of yours could happen or something else even better! Hold that feeling you expect to feel after receiving your miracle to draw it closer to you, whether that is relief, joy, or love.

There comes a point in the miracle creation process when we must surrender.

To surrender in this sense is to give your fears, doubts, and disbelief over to the Higher Source you believe in, and trust within your heart that your request has been heard and is being fulfilled in a way that is for your highest and best good. Practicing your positive thinking now will take on a more general sense. Just BE happy as best as you can. See the solutions and flow in life as often as you can.

Any resistance at this time will show you what belief(s) you must release in order for your miracle to come to you. Meditation, journaling, and many other forms of therapy are available at The Wellness Universe where you can find great tools for releasing the limiting thoughts you are holding onto that could very well be keeping your miracle at bay. Surrender these “lies” you’re telling yourself, open your heart, and receive the truth that really exists. You ARE good enough; you DO deserve miracles; miracles really CAN happen for YOU!

Oftentimes, we are in a dire situation when we make the call for a miracle.

In these times of stress, staying positive and having faith and certainty are more difficult. You’re typically feeling a wide array of emotions, but this is when you must practice using your focus muscle the most. When focusing on the positive, those thoughts act as magnets that draw in miraculous solutions and experiences. Open your heart and welcome them to flow in.

No matter where you are in life, no matter how you are feeling and what vibration you hold, if you believe that it is possible for a miracle to happen, and you hold onto those positive thoughts with love, you will have all you need to attract the miracles you need most in your life.

It may not play out like you envision it, but chances are, it turns out better than you ever expected.

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– The Wellness Universe

*Originally published on August 21, 2018

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