Moon Rituals for Anyone: May’s Full Flower Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Hi, I’m Jennifer Whitacre; and I’m back, sharing practical ways to use the moon as a powerful and guiding force to bring balance into your life. The moon and the sun have much to show us about how we flow with the cycles and seasons of nature, the heavens, and the cosmos; and all we have to do is notice and pay attention.  The Full Flower Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse that’s happening on May 26th is a lunar event you don’t want to miss!

  • Why are lunar eclipses rare opportunities to pause and be still?
  • What’s the difference between a full and partial eclipse?
  • What does it mean when two signs are in opposition?
  • These questions (and many more!) are answered in the video.

Lunar eclipses are infrequent, occurring between zero and three times each year, with there being two in most calendar years.  May’s lunar eclipse is the only total lunar eclipse of 2021, which makes this a rare opportunity!  Total lunar eclipses shift full moon energies, and our personal rituals and practices will hopefully flow and shift accordingly.

For your Full Flower Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse ritual, consider incorporating a Tonglen breathing meditation into your practice.  To find an excellent description and example of a Tonglen Meditation, google “Pema Chödrön Tonglen meditation,” and watch the 4:47 video. 

Join the Conversation!

To learn more about moon rituals, Join the Feeling Good! Club on Clubhouse for two conversations each month, one before the Full Moon and one before the New Moon. 

May’s Full Flower Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse will be the topic of conversation in the Moon Rituals for Anyone Room on Clubhouse on Monday, May 24th at 5:00 pm ET/ 2:00 pm PT.  Don’t miss this conversation!!

>>>Please note, the time and date of future Moon Rituals for AnyoneRooms on Clubhouse will be scheduled 24-48 hours prior to the lunar events.  We’re following the rhythmic cycles of the moon rather than our human construct of time.  It’s a great way to practice staying in the flow of nature. Stay tuned and flexible as these conversations become part of our monthly rituals!!<<<

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