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Have you ever caught yourself in a moment where you had total consciousness of being You? Your experience, thoughts, feelings, ideas, the things you see, the sounds you hear – all your ‘you-ness’ is yours and yours alone. In some traditions, it is called divine indwelling. We recognize the divine presence in ourselves and others equally.

When asked to explain what I do, I like to answer in this way as my orientation in life.

There are many reasons why spiritual practices can be so beneficial in everyday life. One of the key benefits is that they can help you to connect with your inner self and cultivate a sense of inner peace and calm, allowing you to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your overall well-being. Spiritual practices can also provide a sense of meaning and purpose in life and help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. They can also help you create greater compassion and empathy towards others, improving your relationships and ability to connect.

The mind-body connection

Today I work with the mind-body connection, focusing mainly on energy field environments and heart coherence. Studies have shown that the Heart has a magnetic field that surrounds the body and can affect the environment around it. For example, research has shown that when people in a given environment synchronize their heartbeats, the coherence of their heartbeats can help improve the environment’s general energy field. By intentionally cultivating a state of coherence in our hearts, we can increase our ability to care for others. Specifically, people trained to achieve heart coherence showed lower stress and anxiety levels, increasing their capacity for empathy and compassion. By exploring ways to integrate these concepts into our lives, we can improve our ability to care for others and ourselves.

Growing up, I had a natural inclination toward a spiritual-mindedness. However, it is essential to understand that spirituality is not limited to religious beliefs and practices but is more around an individual’s quest for meaning and purpose. Children’s natural curiosity, wonder, and innocence make them highly receptive to spiritual experiences. This genuine curiosity and openness laid the foundations for my spirituality to flourish. This natural curiosity led me to uncover my first extensive experience using the mind-body connection to achieve a particular outcome through my classical ballet dance training. Dance is a form of expression that requires both physical and mental abilities. When dancers perform, they use their bodies to convey emotions, stories, and meanings.

As I retell the story, I vividly remember how I could do this with implicit detail. Through visualization, I saw and felt each movement in a mental freeze-frame. This mental snapshot enabled me to execute individual dance movements in detail and depth. I was using all my sensory processes and perception. I saw and felt the extension of my leg, my body’s posture, and the softness through my arms. I heard the music and felt each note in every cell of my being. I saw myself loving what I was doing, and it felt great. In it, I found freedom as I saw myself dancing from my Heart and felt my spirit soar. My teacher’s recognition for improving my performance surprised me and became the defining moment when I first realized the power of the mind-body connection. No one had at that time taught me how to do this. It came naturally from within.


I share this story when introducing mindfulness meditation to people because it captures the beauty, simplicity, and naturalness when employing mind-body techniques. I continued to use mental visualization to better prepare for performances, build muscle memory and enhance overall performance quality. I also used the same method to help overcome mental barriers and anxiety associated with performing, as I could better prepare myself emotionally and mentally. As I continued to practice meditation/contemplation/mindfulness, I became more self-aware of my thoughts and emotions. I was less reactive to external stimuli and learned to respond more intentionally. Moving from youth to adulthood saw my practice develop and adapt to changing conditions. I used meditation to hold and process difficult emotions such as grief, sadness, loss, and confusion. Meditation helped me understand the power of the present moment and appreciate life’s simple blessings. Today, meditation is an integral part of my daily life.

Meditation and spiritual practices

I teach meditation and spiritual practices today because it is essential for cultivating a positive and meaningful life. Meditation provides a pathway to connect with the present moment, self-reflection, and deeper awareness of the world around us. Teaching meditation allows me to share a practice that has enriched my life and can benefit our current generations and generations to come.

I do the work I do today because it is irresistible to me.

Not all problems in life require psychologists or specialist treatment. Sometimes we find what we truly need by turning to our spirituality to guide us in the everyday problems, worries and concerns we encounter. A deteriorating marriage, an adolescent son caught in addiction, or daily work that deadens the soul are all spiritual issues, and as such a crucial part of the story.

My work goes much deeper these days and truly brings me a profound sense of purpose for teaching such practices. I have witnessed so many transformations unfold with people I have accompanied, leading me further and nearer to the sacredness of life. To enter Heart space with another is an honor. To accompany another to their heart space is liberating in their experience. Furthermore, meditation allows us to tap into the depths of our being, providing joy, compassion, and connection to the world around us.

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