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Welcome to Life Mastery Soul Memos, Episode 33! Each month, WU World-Changer and Life Mastery Coach, David McLeod shares a new soul memo with you!

Episode 33, May 2023: The Thought Machine

Have you ever experienced incessant chaotic chatter in your mind? It happens to me occasionally—more frequently than I’d like to admit, actually—and it’s something that seems to happen to almost everyone from time to time. It’s almost like the screeching of chimpanzees at the zoo when they get themselves worked up over something, which is why we have the uncharitable term “monkey mind”. Of course, at least the chimps settle down eventually; our ego-minds, on the other hand, seem more persistent in many ways.

If you pause long enough to examine some of the inner chatter, you’ll probably notice references to all kinds of things that are going on in your life:

  • Berating yourself because the bills are not getting paid.
  • Fantasizing about a trip to Fiji.
  • Wondering how to help your kids who are struggling in school.
  • Missing out on a promotion you were expecting at work.
  • Hoping your lottery numbers come through this week.
  • Worrying about a budding relationship with a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

The list goes on and on. There’s no end to the different ways the ego-mind can twist and turn all these ideas so that it’s a constant onslaught of thoughts running every which way through your mental space. The ego-mind is very much like a machine in the way it becomes captivated and entranced by thoughts. The whole scenario is very distracting, and indeed, it can be downright crazy-making!

(Please watch the video for more!)

I invite you to try this for yourself the next time you are plagued by an overactive ego-mind. I think you’ll find this to be an effective way to bring your “thought machine” under control.

Remember, friend, thoughts are irrepressible. They come and go like the ebb and flow of the wind or the river. You cannot stop them; they will have their moment in the limelight. But if you spend less time entertaining your thoughts, then you won’t give them any more energy than they deserve, and they won’t become uncontrollable in your mind. Observe your thoughts without attachment as often as you can, and you’ll quickly find yourself being calmer and more centered.

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