Nature\’s Healing Genius

Nature\'s Healing Genius by Janette Stuart #TheWellnessUniverse #HealingGenius #WUVIP #Nature

Do you find yourself retreating to nature to reconnect, to ground and steady yourself when life’s circumstances are difficult? If so, you beautiful one, have already experienced nature’s healing genius at work.

I enjoy getting outdoors and savoring some of nature’s healing genius every day. My goal is to reach 10,000 steps daily and my walks with my dog sure help reach that goal.  I just feel better after being outdoors.  I need to be outdoors each day to experience nature’s healing genius.

In 2012, I spent time after work walking at a local lake to soothe myself in nature’s healing genius while my brother’s health was declining. Those after work walks, were so therapeutic for me. They gave me a chance to think outside the confines of a building’s structure. It gave me a sense of freedom to voice my concerns to God in such a spacious and beautiful setting. It allowed me to move my body and to have a sense of control during those dark days when the news of his health grew more and more grim each passing week.

The benefits of nature are too numerous to count but here’s a list of the top five benefits of nature’s healing genius:
  1. Being outdoors helps clear our body, mind, and soul of worry or concern as we step out of our normal routine and make time to spend time outdoors experiencing nature’s healing genius.
  2. Being outdoors helps us gain perspective. Our problems seem so much smaller and our gratitude for the gift of nature’s healing genius seems so immense.
  3. Being beside a large body of water such as a river, lake or ocean provides clarity and a sense of calm. Water is a wonderful conductor of energy and the ideas and inspiration just seem to flow.
  4. Trees and plants share their beautiful life-giving oxygen with us and process carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.  They also provide some of the best forms of nature’s healing genius through their leaves, fruit, and seeds as food, nutrients, and cures for disease.
  5. The gift of the sun is one we may take for granted. Yet, day in and day out, the sun rises each morning in the east and sets in the west. Without the sun, all life on earth as we know it, would end. The sun is so important to our health and happiness that without its energy we can suffer from vitamin deficiency or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which occurs during the winter when the sun’s presence is not felt in parts of the world. In fact, according to Wikipedia, 9.9% of the population of Alaska is affected by SAD during the winter. SAD leads to a higher rate of lethargy, weight gain, depression and even suicide to name a few of the symptoms.
Do you enjoy the feeling of an elevated mood on a bright, sunny day? That is one of nature’s healing genius gifts to us.

It allows us to receive the vitamins we need from the sunlight and to feel energized from the sun’s rays. It is easy to pop out for a few minutes before, during or after work or during our busy days and enjoy some of nature’s healing genius outdoors in nature.

The best part of this gift is that is free and accessible to all.  Won’t you enjoy the gift of nature’s healing genius today, dear one?  You will be so glad that you did. I recently created an inspirational card deck called “” that I invite you to check out! Several of the 44 beautiful images and messages depict enjoying nature, being outdoors, and traveling within nature’s healing genius.

Here’s to you, dear one, as you enjoy nature’s healing genius today.  

– Janette

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