QOTD for June 10th by Elizabeth Kipp

QOTD for June 10th by Elizabeth Kipp #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for June 10th by Elizabeth Kipp.
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Here is her expanded thought …

I lived a life of such angst for so long. I wondered where I might find peace in my life. There certainly didn’t seem to be much peace in my external world, but I felt like it was somewhere. I just needed to find it. So I began a journey in pursuit of something that would give me whatever degree of calm I could find.

After much searching, exploring, and learning anything I could unearth or experience that might lead me to find peace and the happiness it brought, the thing that helped the most was to do the work I needed, whatever it was, to finally calm down, get centered and grounded, find clarity, and put my attention directly into listening within. I began to talk to myself from a place of curiosity and gentleness, beginning a quiet but penetrating inquiry to discover how I was being and what I was doing to contribute to my own suffering and discontent with the world – my world.

I took responsibility for the way things were in my life. I committed to doing whatever it took to initiate a shift in what I perceived were my problems and sought to ease and mitigate the discord I was experiencing. I brought in forgiveness and compassion, along with my awareness and commitment, to heal whatever I could find inside of me that felt raw and wounded.

I took myself to the peace table – all the disparate pieces of me – and we sat in an honest discussion. We recognized one another for who and what we were, dropped from judgment into acceptance, and spent time together. I found a measure of peace within me I never even imagined was possible. This is at the core of what I believe it means to truly love oneself.

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