QOTD for June 24th by Leanne Wierzbicki

QOTD for June 24th by Leanne Wierzbicki #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for June 24th by Leanne Wierzbicki.
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Here is her expanded thought …

May was all about challenges. One obstacle after another.

Website issues.

A grease fire in a pot which led to an oil burned foot.

The challenge of relying on others . . . a lot.

Although challenge can feel like a limitation, it is in fact, a most potent opportunity for growth. It is in the face of obstacles, loss, injury, disaster, that we are presented with the biggest opportunities to grow.

You might not like this statement. You might be scrunching up your face and furrowing your brow as you read this. You might be angry.

It\’s ok.

How could a diagnosis of a deemed life-threatening dis-ease, the loss of loved one, or serious injury help us grow?

These challenging situations cause us to experience strong emotion, feel pain and confront fears. They force us into self-reflection and analysis. They are so blatantly in your face that you can\’t ignore them.

Most importantly, they present us with choices.

I could have chosen to be angry about my website challenges, to let that fester. I could have chosen to sit in sadness/guilt/frustration about the grease fire and my burn. I could have easily chosen resentment, towards those people not following through.

Although I experienced moments of anger and frustration, worry, fear, sadness, and guilt, I acknowledged those emotions and made a choice to move through them. Sometimes it\’s necessary to sit in our sh*t. Just don\’t get stuck there.

I chose to be proactive and patient. I took steps forward.

I was reminded:

  • not to leave the room for a minute with oil heating up on the stove
  • that step 1 in a grease fire is NOT to grab the pot and attempt to move it, but to throw a lid on it (I did that as step 3 in the actual incident, following a failed attempt to find baking soda in step 2, and a burned foot in step 1)
  • that things can change in the blink of an eye
  • that I have friends and people around me I can trust and count on, and that it\’s ok to ask for and allow others to help me
  • that my son is the most amazing, strong, brave little man and that I\’ve done a pretty good job being his Mamma

I chose to work through the old traumas that were triggered by sitting in a wheelchair in the ER, to cry and ride the wave of emotion as it moved through my body. I “walked” my talk.

BRFWA = Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch and Allow

I practiced gratitude for the help that I received, for the healing thoughts from others, for the knowledge I have in supporting the body holistically, for all the Divine beings watching over me and my family.

I have faith; in my Self, in others, in the Universe.

Call it seeing the silver lining, trusting that everything happens for a reason, or whatever phrase that works for you.

Over the course of my life experiences, I have always made the choice to grow. I choose to keep moving forward. To be open to receiving whatever lessons may reside in the challenge.

An obstacle is just that. An obstacle. Something to maneuver, requiring a series of moves made with skill and care, to achieve desired results.

How you choose to maneuver is up to you. But make the choice to move. Make the choice to grow.

All my love.
Om Shanti

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