QOTD for June 26th by Mateja Petje

QOTD for June 26th by Mateja Petje #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for June 26th by Mateja Petje.
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Here is her expanded thought …

We sometimes think that others make up miserable and upset and we are quick to point finger and blame. We are all mirrors for each other. Next time, when you are tempted to point finger and blame, ask yourself, “Where did I hear this before? What does this remind me of?”

As I say to my clients, if you have a STRONG emotional reaction to something, it\’s 90% about your past (even your past life) and only about 10% is about the present. So when you don’t trust people, or expect them to act a certain way, think about what belief is behind all this. Sometimes we cannot even remember, as most of our beliefs were formed before age 7.

What story are you telling yourself? Anxiety and other negative emotions are not caused by other people or events; pay attention to what are you saying to yourself. While it might be true that others disrespected us or hurt us; the way we REACT is our responsibility. It\’s really about how we interpret the event and what story are we saying about ourselves and about our past that determines the quality of our life.

Working with my clients on their limiting beliefs, I hear things like this:

“I can\’t do it because I don\’t have time.”

“He/She made me upset.”

“My life is terrible and nothing works. ”

Why not choose different thoughts that inspire you, such as I am on my way to improving my life and all that I need is here.”

The Law of Attraction works – many times we get frustrated when things that we desire don\’t happen. If you really listen to your self-talk, the results are related to your CONSISTENT, HABITUAL ways of thinking. It\’s time to change the negative self-talk NOW and fully embrace your gifts and  what life has to offer. The less you resist what IS, the more flow you will experience and soon your life WILL turn around.

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