QOTD for March 28th by Nancy Rainwater

QOTD for March 28th By Nancy Rainwater #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #QOTD
Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for March 28th by Nancy Rainwater, Ph.D.
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Here is her expanded thought …

You know, the problem is not that a door won’t open for me or that I don’t see a door to begin with. I feel like I am in a room with a hundred open doors. It’s like a hurricane in here with so many cross-currents threatening to blow me over and off my path. So many voices giving advice. So many options, most of which are ridiculous or, if I am honest, not even something I want in my life.

We open doors to people and to opportunities to be polite or maybe to “keep our options open” because we are not sure what we want to do at the moment. Sometimes, we are merely curious, wanting to learn. Though maybe it looked better closed than it did open!

Why do I leave all of these doors open?! No wonder I can’t choose. No wonder I am not taking that next step. No wonder I feel like I’m going around in a circle! No wonder I am confused, and not making progress.

Just because a door is open does not mean that I should walk through it.

So, it’s time to close some doors. Time to say “no” very nicely and move on. Time to choose. To focus. Time to write that plan in ink, actually on paper, and share it with someone or several someones. Then the plan will seem realer.

Closing doors can be extremely cathartic. It isn’t a negative action at all, in my opinion. Life is full of choices. The important image to keep in mind is that picture of yourself walking through that best or right door with a sureness and a sense of the future just there before you. Begin slowly if you need to, closing a door or two a day, honing your direction. This is what I am doing and I feel better already!

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