QOTD for May 15th by Zoe Escher

QOTD for May 15th by Zoe Escher #QOTD #Quote #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for May 15th by Zoe Escher.
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Here is her expanded thought …

When I was in my early 20s I had a job that was very stressful. After a long period of stress, I felt that there was no longer a connection between my body and mind.

I decided that I would sign up for the sport that would strengthen my body, strengthen my mind, get inner peace, and balance.

Kendo is a Japanese attack martial sport and is in its essence \’body, mind and spirituality\’ which focuses on the whole person. Through hard physical and mental training, you get to know all aspects of yourself. Your personality, your strengths, and challenges are reflected in your training and in competitions.

Through hard training and guidance from your teacher, you will strengthen your body and your mind. You learn to control your own feelings even in unfamiliar situations. Through the training and meditation, you get inner peace and balance. In addition, you learn to interact with others and nature with respect and to be humble.

When there is a perfect balance between ‘body, mind and spirituality’ you will be in a perfect state in your own being which will unlock your full potential. This state is also called flow. When you are in this state you will have full access to all your resources and it feels like time stands still. It is the most wonderful state to be in for your body and mind.

When I started to practice Kendo the teacher found out very quickly that I had a talent for the sport. The following years, I trained kendo in Denmark, Europe, and Japan and I have participated in several competitions.

The many years of kendo- and kendo kata practice has meant that I regularly am in the state flow. My full potential is also reflected in my work as a sushi chef & sake sommelier as they share the same philosophy. Inner peace, balance, respect and humble which are also part of the practice affect my relationships and my business in positive ways.

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