QOTD for May 23rd by Darlene Robbins

QOTD for May 23rd by Darlene Robbins #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for May 23rd by Darlene Robbins.
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Here is her expanded thought …

There will always be misunderstandings in life. That’s a given.  The question is, how much damage will they do? How will misunderstandings affect our fulfillment? Our overall happiness?

When communication is left by the wayside, and we don’t talk to each other about what is bothering us (to the relevant person involved), anger, resentment, jealousy, revenge and a myriad of other destructive emotions creep in and mess things up even more. If we don’t tell the other person why we are upset with them, they come up with all sorts of stories in their heads about why we are behaving a certain way and then they behave similarly back to us. And vice versa. It can become a vicious circle. People can’t read minds, so, if that is the case the best way to deal with unhappiness or dissatisfaction with what another person has done, is to talk to them about it. Find the courage or you will continue to remain in unhealthy relationships.

Stop having to be right!

My personal experience with misunderstandings has mostly involved presumptions I have made. I have found that when I base my opinions solely on what I’m observing today—without pausing to consider history, background, or their perspectives—I’m more prone to get things wrong. We have to find a way to not take things personally and the courage to communicate clearly without reacting emotionally to disagreements and of course finding the strength to apologize …

Remember to smile throughout your Journey and learn better communication skills to help you avoid misunderstandings … 

– Darlene

Original Source to Article, with many thanks to Darlene Robbins

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