QOTD for May 25th by Krish Sarkar

QOTD for May 25th by Krish Sarkar #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse
Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for May 25th by Krish Sarkar.
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Here is his expanded thought …

As the quote says, we came empty handed and we will go empty handed. Money, fame, everything is left behind. We can’t take anything with us. Our goal should be to do something for needy people or society, so our good works remain even when we are gone. That should truly be our goal.

We won\’t be known for our bank balance or how many cars we left. We will be known for how many faces we could bring a smile to. How many lives we could change, and in how many lives we could make a little difference. We are all interconnected to each other with an invisible wave. Our good work should inspire others when we are gone; that should be our true goal and achievement.

We should always concentrate on the wellness for others in our lifetime. We got this life to live for others and to take them along with us. We should not only think of ourselves, we should always think about others. We are not selfish people. We are kind and caring people, so it’s our duty to try to help others in our lifetime, leaving our good deeds before we leave.

Most of us only concentrate on gaining more rather than giving more, which is really sad. They should realize that they can’t take anything with them whenever they have to go, so they better try to help others that are needful. By doing that, they will encourage more people to do the same too. In that way, the world will be a better place to live in. Sometimes it makes me sad that there\’s more milk in rich man’s bathroom than in a poor man’s whole family. I wish, hope and pray that people\’s thinking will change one day, and they will concentrate more on giving than taking.

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