The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Nancy Rainwater

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Nancy Rainwater

Nancy contributes an empowering follow up thought to her quote. Mesmerized and captivated by a tree growing from a rock, her expanded thought is a prime example of \’you never know how or when inspiration strikes\’ and how you can empower through inspired thought. Read on to be enlightened.

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The seed of this thought for me was an actual seed. Millions of shrubs and trees can be seen pushing up through and out of rocks in the Southwestern United States. This particular one caught my attention, the massive split rock with a tree growing in it, out in the middle of nowhere, nothing else around it, no water source within a hundred miles, and no other trees in sight.

I instantly began to formulate various scenarios. For instance, the seed could have been borne on water long ago and was deposited in/under/around a rocky bottom, or tectonic activity could have plopped the rock on top of the parent tree, or wind could have blown the seed deep within a crevice. It really had my attention! Why? It was quite a sight, this scrubby little tree growing out of a crack in a rock, a crack that the tree had itself forged over time. I realized that it didn’t matter how it got there. Look at it now! I wish that I could have been there at the precise moment the seedling plant cracked open that rock, though.

What could we accomplish if we had that kind of power, that single-minded, patient, focused attention over a long period of time? Wow. The potential eclipses all other effort or thought.

No matter how you came to be in a current situation, you have within you the ability to focus and become an unstoppable force. Imagine yourself like this seed – one goal – crack open this rock for light and water. A single focus – grow. Believe you can. Believe you are worthy. That is your task. Grow. Expand. Grow beyond your current predicament.

The past story is irrelevant to your future. Leave it behind. Don’t tell it. Let others wonder how you came to be. Situate yourself powerfully in the present moment — this is your starting point. Create your own future. Grow. Move. Draw deep from within yourself this power and attention. Be amazed at your personal power.

Ignore the noise of naysayers and other distractions that attempt to scatter your attention. Focus on growing beyond where you are – up and out!

I can see you pushing your way up to the light, focusing on your growth, realizing your potential.

After a while, others will look at you, strong and joyful, and wonder how you got to where you are. They will concoct scenarios and admire your power. You may even tell the story of a tree growing in a rock. In your heart, you will know that you are powerful beyond imagination. Your potential is massive with a singe point of focused attention. Pass it on. Plant a seed.

Nancy Rainwater, April 2015

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