Release: Healing Ancestral and Karmic Signatures

Uncover hidden secrets in your etheric field, ancestral lineage, and physical form that may be holding your life hostage. Then use a variety of vibrational healing tools to set them free.

When I visited my family on the east coast recently, I spent some time with my two nieces. They’re growing up, graduated, and choosing their careers. (Proud aunt smile) They were excited to see me and hoped for a reading before I left. Of course, I was happy to oblige.

Picking up on the vibrations of each individual uniquely captures their essence. This essence transcends time and space, so sometimes my human brain gets in the way and tries to interpret the information I get. For the younger niece, at the end of her reading, I received “East Berlin” and “behind the wall.” I thought it meant future travel, but instead, the true meaning came through a few minutes later as we gathered around the table for dessert.

While slicing moist, chocolate-frosted cake from her graduation celebration the day before, my niece requested just a small piece. She then explained how she’d been anorexic for four years throughout high school and into her first year of college. Suddenly, a rush of confirmation flowed through me that her message was about having lived (in a previous lifetime) in East Berlin, behind the wall, starving, suffering, and probably dying that way. She carried the vibration of her suffering as an energetic signature that surpassed time and space. In this moment, I reassured her that she’s healed from her prison and suffering through having relived (and survived) starvation and pain in the form of anorexia in this lifetime.

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How is it that pain and suffering, grief, illness, disease, and trauma are held, and can eventually manifest in the physical body?

Why are people so “sick” with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, infectious diseases and even anorexia? Though we tend to justify the existence of these illnesses scientifically, I believe that it’s through vibrational signatures in the SOUL DNA that we carry these experiences forward, from one lifetime to another, until we learn, become free, and resolve these issues. The ultimate breakthrough for healing these old wounds involves some degree of emotional detachment that is highly unlikely to occur in the moments of suffering. We now have the opportunity to heal today’s physical body, emotional situations, relationships, wounds, trauma, beliefs, and other issues through the use of vibration.

The question remains, “How do the wounds of the past stay with us and manifest?” The short answer is that I don’t know. However, through information I’ve received in meditation, working with clients, and through reading various (and many) books, I believe we can break the causes down into primarily two main sources; Ancestral and Karmic Energy. (That said, Spirit reminds me that there are indeed many reasons and sources not yet uncovered by humans. Those may be further revealed for another “time”).

Vibration for Healing:

Imagine a gentle wave of energy, like the tide on a shore, breaking directly into the sand. We see it as waves crashing. Yet, the vibration of those waves can not only be seen (as waves), but also felt and heard. Their energy continues to move through the sand and rocks at the shore. Sound waves, light waves, and other forms of energy affect change in physical matter. The waves shape the shoreline just as energy waves shape our physical matter.

We feel good when the warm sun shines on us, or when we hear the sound of waterfalls. Our mood lightens with harmonious music, and we also tense to disharmonious sounds. Certain aromas trigger memories – like cinnamon may remind us of winter celebrations. Everything matters. Every sensation or memory recorded tirelessly by human cells – wars and suffering, as well as joy and life’s passions – are remembered by Soul DNA.

In my SoulTreat Workshop, we’ll work with different modalities of vibrational healing to bring about discovering and releasing Ancestral and Karmic energies. Come experience Release – Healing Ancestral and Karmic Signatures firsthand, in person with me at SoulTreat!

– Rosemary

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