4 Keys to Finding Friendship In A Followers World

In a world that is increasingly digital, we often find ourselves in a group of people all staring at their phones.

Human interaction is not only an essential life skill, it’s also an incredibly part of our emotional being. Dealing with loneliness, anxiety, depression, fear, and any other large, key emotions is more effective when you have someone physically by your side.

In a world where likes, hearts, and emojis can be easily confused as both positive and negative feedback on who you are as a person, it’s important to work at, and retain the friendships you have in person.

Here Are 4 Keys to Finding Friendship in A Followers World:

1.           Set Device Limits:

If you’re feeling dependent on your phone or tablet, if you’re unable to sleep without a device by your bed for fear you’ll miss something, or if the last thing you do before falling asleep and the first thing you do in the morning is log on, it’s time to put some limits in place.

Email, social media, even game apps are playing off our psyche and our fear of missing out. You are stronger than you think you are. Go device free for a few hours or even days. Still need your phone but want to limit everything else?

There are dozens of apps you can install that limit your viewing time on the apps you choose. Available for both Android and iOS systems, you’re able to set specific viewing hours, restrict access during specific days, or even set a maximum usage time for the apps that are your biggest time suck.

2.           Device Detox:

Want to take it a step farther? Give up the entire device for a full weekend. Let anyone who might worry about you know that you’ll be offline for a few days. Only plan a backup means of contact if it’s absolutely necessary.

Take your family or a few of your closest friends for some time away. Our guess is you’ll be incredibly recharged and relaxed within a day or two. It’s so important to give your brain enough time to slow down and stop stressing or worrying about things that are, in reality, very trivial. You do not need to reply to emails, text messages, or anything on social media right this instant. The world will continue to revolve, and your mental state will be better for it.

Can’t quite imagine going without your phone? Here are a few ways to set up real-life relationships and true friendship with the technology available. (And we’re not talking about dating apps):

3.           Use Facebook to Organize A Meet-Up:

Facebook groups are incredibly popular right now and many of them host in-person meet ups. Find a local group that interests you and pop in for the live meeting. You might find some great new friends from your own community.

Can’t find a group that interests you? Create your own! It’s free and people are always looking for something they have in common. Make sure you give the group a name that’s clear and specific, so people recognize your common interest when they find you. If your goal is to organize local meet ups, make sure you add the location to the group and be clear in the posts where you are and what your topic is.

4.           Start A Support Group with Your Local Community:

Want to avoid social media all together but not sure where to start? That’s definitely encouraged! Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Convention and Visitors Bureau for some ideas on how and where to set up a meet-up. Groups form around everything from knitting, cooking and flying, to sports, teaching, and finance. Pick something that interests you and start spreading the word.

There are often already local hot spots for community groups – who knows, you might be able to jump in on a group that is already up and running.

Above all, make it a priority to avoid the negativity. It’s easy to get caught up in taking a stand for something, starting a movement against instead of for, or getting wrapped up in reading story after story about how certain aspects of our world are crumbling.

Here Are A Few Tips:

  • Always keep your digital interactions as positive and uplifting as possible.
  • Compliment at least one person every time you find yourself on a social platform.
  • Only share things that are uplifting and supportive. It’s okay to ask for help but consider keeping it to a small group of people who will be there for you – not the entire Facebook community.

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