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Family gathering at the holidays

The Wellness Universe presents Resilience for the Holidays: Tools, Tips, and Exercises for Well-being produced, created, and hosted by Leah Skurdal, featuring Sharon Carne, Aundrea Veney, Rachel Vasquez, Marisa Ferrera, and Gayle Nowak sharing self-care resources and how to fortify your resilience.

Featured Speaker: Marisa Ferrera, Women’s Empowerment Coach

Part 3/5 – Dealing With Stressful and Dysfunctional Family Holiday Gatherings

Written by Leah Skurdal

Maybe you’ve witnessed someone who falls into old behavior patterns when they get around their dysfunctional family during the holiday season. They drink too much. Words fly. Difficult relatives ignite conflict.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Solstice, New Year’s Eve, or another holiday tradition, dysfunctional family dynamics can affect the holiday cheer. Pre-established family roles, unspoken family rules, toxic relatives, traditions, rituals, and expectations of who we are within the family system can clash with how we have grown and changed outside the family system.

“Holidays can highlight everything that may have changed (divorce, death, college student returning home, absence due to military duty) and if family rules are to not talk about or talk too much about these things, it adds to the stress of the holidays,” says Mary Foston-English, MFT, a counselor at the Stanford Faculty Staff Help Center.

Women’s Empowerment Coach, Marisa Ferrera, outgrew her dysfunctional family system.

Marisa explains that growing up in a dysfunctional family, where she experienced both emotional and physical abuse, she learned at an early age that it was safer to keep quiet than to speak up. Marisa struggled with no self-confidence, no self-esteem and no voice. Along her journey, Marisa learned about the power of healing from our past and how conflict can be used as a catalyst for creating deeper and more meaningful relationships. She turned her pain into her purpose and now guides others in improving the quality of their relationships with their families and with themselves.

Marisa acknowledges:

Family gatherings can often activate and trigger
unresolved past wounds that may lead to drama and conflict.

I’m thrilled to have Marisa Ferrera as one of our five speakers at the Wellness For All Resilience for the Holidays event.

In her talk, Marisa will share self-care tools in: Tips For Enjoying Family Time During the Holidays.

Find out how to prepare yourself in advance of the holiday family gathering, and what you can do to create more peace and harmony if unpleasant situations arise. Marisa’s free gift to attendees is a Resolving Conflicts Peacefully Guide.

Marisa Ferrera is a Women’s Empowerment Coach & Mentor/Connection Practice Certified Coach & Trainer. She is the #1 bestselling author of “Magnify Your Magnificence: Your Pathway to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire.” Her passion is to empower individuals who struggle with conflict and drama in family relationships to create healthy boundaries and communicate their truth so they can speak and share from a place of love and power and are finally free to be their real selves. Marisa specializes in helping women experience deeper connections and harmonious family relationships. Connect with Marisa:

Join Marisa and me at:

Resilience for the Holidays –
Tools, Tips, and Exercises for Well-being
Saturday, December 10, 10-11:30amET

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The speakers are offering free gifts and valuable prizes for those who attend live.

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Resource: Surviving the Family Holiday, Mary Foston-English, MFT.

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