Resistance: The One Thing We Need to Change

Resistance: The One Thing We Need to Change By Ilene Dillon #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Resistance

Have you noticed? Our world, the people in it, nature, everything is either falling apart or changing!

During the first six months of 2020, we can all see things have been moving at breakneck speed. Despite self-quarantining and sheltering in place, almost everything has been lurching ahead, quickly. Self-quarantine has pushed huge numbers of people to slow down, get to know themselves, including the parts they need to change.

Nothing can be kept as a secret anymore, either. Whether it’s smartphone cameras, body cams, whistleblowers, “leaked” information, or people who just don’t want to take it anymore, it’s become well-nigh impossible to keep secrets.

Our centuries-long patterns are being unmasked. Just look at all the racism (which has been there all along) that’s been revealed and emphasized following the killing of George Floyd.

Nature’s weather patterns are changing, like the Atlantic Hurricane Season with many more named storms than in recent years.

Beloved animals are becoming extinct.

Our economy is on its knees.

We’re moving into a housing crisis.

Things are changing; and they’re moving fast!

Years ago, in a conversation with my husband about what we believed was ahead for us human beings, I shared with him my conviction that we would be ushering in a new, more peaceful and loving era. He disabused me of this thinking, saying that human beings take a long time to change. He assured me that basic human nature would make such a change impossible during our lives.

My husband died four years ago. And as things speed up and break apart and change, I think a lot about him. I wish he could see how one little particle, one that is .0000049215ths of an inch that we’ve come to know as Covid-19 has brought humanity to a screeching pause. We are being forced to change. Like mitosis, we’re watching human beings divide into two groups: one repressive, warlike, and punishing, and the other caring, responsible, and compassionate. We’re deciding whether material life or energy life is our future. Such contrast better enables us to make the choice about what our future will be.

We’re being given an opportunity to change quickly. I’m envisioning people embracing this change and focusing on taking themselves to the most positive way of living and loving that is possible because that’s what I value and want. What about you?

We Ask “Why” and “What’s Happening”

According to many who can see ahead, we’re in the process of evolving our basic nature. We are becoming energy. We’ve been energy beings all along, of course, and have been told that for quite a while. But now we’re so much energy beings that we can see, feel, and work with energy directly. We need to drop resistance because all it’s doing now is creating pain.

Resistance is the one thing we need to change to allow our lives to become the best they possibly can as we evolve more fully into energy beings.

By nature, energy moves. Until now, we have not been allowing much movement. For example, emotions are energy, just like water, wind, and electricity are. We know that if we dam a river, the water behind the dam will build itself into a lake. We also know that if something happens to create even a small hole in that dam, the push for the energy of the water to move is so great it can develop into a destructive flood.

Energy is made to move. It’s always seeking to move. When we block its movement in any way, that’s called “resistance.” Resistance heats things up, creates friction and stress, can be destructive, and continually invites the energy resisted to break through and move.

What happens when we slow down or stop allowing the energy of emotions to move? We create resistance! Emotions are energy. They must move. Over the centuries we’ve pushed them down, attempted to bury them, ignored them, and hidden them even from ourselves. Today’s personal, societal, and cultural explosions are a result of this resistance!

Some not-fully-revealed things have changed in life, and our “dams” have developed cracks. Emotions are finding a way through, pushing through with a vengeance! Because all emotions grow when they’re held inside, when anger explodes across our nation due to the death of George Floyd, we can clearly see the results of not having allowed anger to move. That up-to-now-stored anger is erupting everywhere, following years of us punishing, hiding, imprisoning, and medicating instead of dealing with anger. Anger is our most active emotion. It’s beckoning us to stop resistance, to embrace energy, and move into a new kind of world.

We’ve been in resistance to all our emotions, even love. None of them can be contained anymore.

They’re all emerging and erupting. Some are creating real problems as they “flood.” After the flood caused by a dam bursting, the water eventually comes back into the riverbed. The same will be true of emotions. But to avoid a similar situation in the future, we need to stop resisting emotions and let their energy move!

It’s time to allow all energy to move, the energy of nature, wind, water, emotions, and the sun. To work with Mother Nature, rather than resisting her. And to accept each person as a viable part of the species, worthy of respect and room. Instead of demonizing and blocking emotions, we end resistance and explore how to partner with them. They’re navigational tools that we can use to make life easier. It’s time to use them!

The first and best step for now using emotions constructively is to end resistance in ourselves.

Become more like the child quietly playing in the house, who is given an opportunity to accompany an adult on an outing. “Can I come; can I come?” When we stop resisting, we become childlike, embracing, and welcoming change and newness.

It’s time.

Stop resisting and we can move on together as one.

– Ilene

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