Reversing the Effects of Karma



Today I was giving a reading to a client and Spirit gave me this message about karma. I thought that we could all benefit from this suggestion from Spirit so I am sharing it here.

Most of us are aware that there is a balancing of the scales in the spirit world. We know it as “what goes around comes around” or in Biblical terms, the law of sowing and reaping, or in scientific terms, the law of reciprocity. I think it was Einstein who said, ” every action is met with an equal and opposite reaction” or something like that. This is known as karma. Anything we do, think, say or feel is a message that we send out into the Universe that at some point comes back to us.


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If only those who are looking for justice on behalf of murdered or violated loved ones understood this!

The Law of karma

My husband loves to watch those shows that describe how murderers and other violent criminals are brought to judgement, or in some cases, not. The family members and loved ones sometimes spend years and millions of dollars bringing criminals to justice. The law of karma states that this is an inevitable fact: every one will eventually have the payback they deserve. We may not see it happen, but it will occur.

Some people spend a large time of their lives trying to escape justice. Others always feel like they are a victim of circumstances, that justice is never on their side. There is also the field of thought that according to the law of attraction, our beliefs and thoughts bring to us what we think about most.

So what should you do if you seem to always be getting a “raw deal?” Do you sometimes feel like the scales of justice never tilt in  your favor, that as soon as one tragedy is dealt with, there is another one coming right along behind?

Karma Savings Account

Today Spirit suggested to my client that she start a “karma” savings account. She should mark down every time she did something kind for someone else, gave to a charity, or blessed someone or something else in any way. This would be a “deposit” into her karma savings account. Every time she received something from someone else, or was the recipient of charity, she was to make a mark in the “withdrawal” section.

We all know people who are addicted to charity. They cannot function without it, and even come to expect it, and get angry when it is denied to them. What if each time someone was offered charity, they had to do something nice in return? It did not have to cost them money, but perhaps a little of their time, or require some effort on their part? It could be as simple as picking up litter, or helping someone across the street.

If we find ourselves always in the predicament of experiencing lack in some form, Spirit suggests that we open up a “karma” savings account and begin to make regular deposits. This does not have to cost you money! It could be something simple, like letting someone in front of you at the grocery store, or allowing someone to get in front of you in traffic. It could be sending out a prayer of blessing to someone you don\’t really like. It could be putting extra money in the parking meter, or giving that dollar to the charity of the day at the local grocery store.

Spirit says the amount of the deposit or withdrawal is not a factor, only the amount of entries. If you find yourself a regular recipient of the charity of others or the charity of the state, then you are running on a depleted “karma” account. It is time to balance the scales!

Just for today, do something nice for someone you don\’t know. It is really good if no one notices what you have done. When you get noticed or congratulated on your acts of charity, they don\’t count!

Be creative!

Spirit says that as you build up your entries into your karma savings account, Spirit will regularly “pay you back!” It is much better to be paid back by Spirit than whatever it cost you to perform the act of charity in the first place. I believe the Bible states that God pays back a hundredfold!

Contrary to what I was taught in church, I don\’t believe that God curses you if you don\’t give a specific amount of money to “Him” or his earthly representatives. I do believe that if your karma account begins to show a deficiency, you will begin to experience challenges in your life. This explains why some people seem to have all the bad luck! Their karma account is operating in the negative! You can reverse this trend!

Okay, it is time to go make a deposit into your karma account!

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