Self-Care Stress Relief – Episode 4

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Self-Care Stress Relief, Episode 4. Meet three author-experts that will help you live your best life!

Join us for a powerful conversation with the authors of The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief. Stress management, anxiety relief, living with balance, reducing overwhelm, and reclaiming your Self can be just a chapter away! Get inspired by these inspirational leaders who will help you to live your best life.

You’ll enjoy the down-to-earth, authentic way these author-experts get to the business of holistic healing and sharing their stories and tools with you. What if there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?

Elizabeth Kipp is a Chronic Pain Management Specialist, Yoga-Informed Addiction Recovery Coach, Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, and best-selling author focused on helping people realize the power of their inherent healing. She is the author of The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power.

Nancy Stevens is a self-care coach, a blogger with The Wellness Universe, a talk show host on News For The, and a co-host on The Soul Empowerment show. When she’s not working, Nancy loves spending time with her husband, a Grammy award winner and their four sons.

Donna BlevinsPhD is a 6-foot 5-inch tall powerhouse and International poker player, who took the woo-woo out of mind-shifting and guides entrepreneurs to up-their-game in 7 seconds. Zig Ziglar said, “Donna Blevins is someone we can all look up to, both professionally and physically.”

*Originally published on November 4, 2020.

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The Wellness Universe presents Elizabeth Kipp, Stress Management Specialist guiding you through The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power a 12-month program that will help you to heal from chronic pain. 

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