SOCCEREX Spotlight: John Kelleher, CEO of Cellnutrition and Totum Sport

The Soccerex Wellness Zone Spotlight on John Kelleher, CEO of Cellnutrition and Totum Sport.

Soccerex returns to the USA to host a soccer business convention in Miami on 15-16 November 2018 in the state-of-the-art Marlins Park, the home of the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball franchise.

Sponsored by the London Football Exchange (LFE) and with the support of an Advisory Board including senior members of CONCACAF, MLS, and U.S. Soccer, Soccerex USA will provide two days of unrivaled commercial, networking and learning opportunities for thousands of soccer business professionals.

The Wellness Universe gathers the best in the health and wellness industry to share their expertise in the Wellness Zone. Two days packed with talks and meet and greets with top wellness professionals.

Hi, John, will you please introduce yourself and Cellnutrition?

My name is John Kelleher and I’m the CEO of Cellnutrition, which is a health and wellness company, passionate about providing innovative natural solutions to combat modern-day health issues, caused primarily through lack of nutrients within the diet. Feeling great and being in optimum health, should be available to everyone, hence our mission statement – For EveryBody.

So, what are you bringing to Soccerex?

We have created a unique brand (Totum Sport) which has been designed specifically for the sports market, enabling athletes to sustain focus and stamina and ensure their bodies are in an optimum position to perform at their peak and recover quickly, therefore creating a competitive advantage.

You are obviously an expert in your area, but why do you feel the Soccer industry needs your products?

Cellnutrition/Totum Sport is the only 100% pure hydration solution, which is proven to reduce lactic acid by up to 46%, therefore ensuring better performance and recovery, it is also unique in that it contains all 78 of the minerals the body requires in perfect proportions.

How will an individual benefit from Cellnutrition products?

Cellnutrition products are based on solid research going back more than a century, what we have done, is taken a scientifically proven concept which wasn’t widely known outside of Europe and made it a modern-day solution which is globally available.

Individuals that take the products regularly and as advised, will feel stronger, have more resistance to infection, better mental focus, sleep well, suffer fewer cramps and will recover more quickly after exercise – all of these as a result of ensuring their bodies are hydrated correctly with the right balance of minerals and electrolytes.

How will an organization benefit from Cellnutrition products?

In addition to selling products, we offer holistic wellness solutions via our education programme. We like to work in a partnership, so can create a bespoke package for your club or team, or even the team behind the team, with our corporate wellness offering.

Where can we get Cellnutrition products?

Available online at:


Or to discuss individual requirements, please contact:

  • In the USA –

[email protected]

  • In the UK/Europe –

[email protected]

[email protected]

How can you be contacted?

Please visit my website or connect with me on my Wellness Universe profile and visit our booth #131 at Soccerex.

Join John Kelleher and the Cellnutrition team for their presentations on the Wellness Zone main stage:

  • Day 1: November 15th from 11:15 – 11:35 am – Cellnutrition: The Story Behind the Science.

In this presentation, Cellnutrition’s Group Head of Science along with their Global Head of Brand, will Share the history of the product and explain why this heritage and research is such an important part of bringing Cellnutrition and the solution it provides to a global audience

  • Day 2: November 16th from 1:00 – 1:20 pm – Mineral Interdependency and the Link to Diet.

This talk will cover the importance of minerals in the diet, analyse the link between mineral deficiencies and disease and discuss how the sea is one of the most potent sources of minerals. The complexity of nutrient interactions and mineral interdependency will be discussed in this talk leading on to why it is in-effective to isolate single minerals and what we can do to optimise our health today.

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