Soccerex Spotlight: Lucretia D. Coleman, Jameri Enterprises LLC

The Soccerex Wellness Zone Spotlight on Lucretia D. Coleman, BSBA, HC, Jameri Enterprises LLC

Soccerex USA takes place this year in Miami, Florida at Marlin’s Stadium on November 15-16. The Wellness Universe proudly brings top-level coaches, therapists, methods and products to you in the Soccerex Wellness Zone.

Please meet Lucretia D. Coleman, Lifestyle Enthusiast.

Hi Lucretia, tell us about yourself:

My name is Lucretia D. Coleman, BSBA, HC, founder of Jameri Enterprises LLC and I live in the Southwest area of Philadelphia, PA, USA. My passion and commitment to enlightening other women’s life palette is undeniable and as a Lifestyle Enthusiast (certified as an Integrative Wellness Coach) I effectively enrich individual lives and organizations’ culture through my work as a dynamic SPEAKER, vibrant Visual Artist, Wellness Coach, and a brilliant Author, full of wit and infinite wisdom.

What are you bringing to Soccerex USA?

As a Black Woman who grew up during the Civil Rights Movement in America, became an unwed mother at the age of 16, and who was (and still is) often the only speck of melanin at the conference table, I know all too well how it feels to be marginalized. My diverse life experiences, my formal trainings, the ethics instilled in me by my family, and my natural ability to assess and address the needs of others, all contributions to igniting my passion and commitment for mentoring and empowering marginalized people, in particular, my marginalized sisters.

Why do you feel Soccer needs your services?

The soccer world (as in sports in general) is dominated by men. Although the participation of women as players, commentators, and holders of upper management positions in soccer is increasing, women continue to experience gender discrimination, inequities, and non-inclusion. Throughout my corporate career and as a former HR Professional with a prominent Fortune 100 company, I consistently received recognition for my ability to effectively assess and appropriately address the needs of the organization’s employees and leadership teams in their personal and professional growth.

How will an individual benefit from what you have to offer?

Individual women will realize that she owes it to herself to banish negativity, overcome doubt and stop avoiding her full potential. Each individual woman is like a blank canvas needing to be effectively cultivated, transformed, and enlightened so that the 12 areas of her life palette can be used to ‘paint’ her vibrant life masterpiece. Through the realization of the importance of her integrative elevation, she’ll be empowered and equipped to show the world that she’s a vibrant force to be reckoned with; whether it be on the field, off the field, or in the boardroom involved in the decision making.

How will an organization benefit from your expertise?

Organizations will realize that embracing a diverse, equitable, and an inclusive culture will increase the organization’s visibility, expand the organization’s fan base, and position their organization as a preferred career choice for many multi-talented people. In addition to an increased and sustainable presence in the world of sports and the communities in which the organizations exist, their bottom line will also be increased.

How can you deliver your services?

I have an array of energetically and engaging Signature Programs, all available in person as a Keynote Speaker or workshop facilitator. The world is my backyard and I love traveling to help others create their authentic and vibrant lifestyles.

How can you be contacted?

You can directly email me at [email protected], or call me 1-602-888-1512. I can also be contacted through my profile on The Wellness Universe or on my website.

Meet Lucretia in person at booth 132 and attend her talk on the Wellness Stage at Soccerex on Thursday and Friday:

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