Soccerex Spotlight: Orly Amor, Business Coach for Public Speakers

The Soccerex Wellness Zone Spotlight on Orly Amor, Business Coach for Public Speakers.

Soccerex USA takes place this year in Miami, Florida at Marlin’s Stadium on November 15-16. The Wellness Universe proudly brings top-level coaches, therapists, methods and products to you in the Soccerex Wellness Zone.

Please meet Orly Amor. She will bring her trademarked Mindset Mastery Coaching Program and Business Coaching for Public Speakers to Soccerex. She will guide attendees in breaking through subconscious challenges, letting go of limiting beliefs, and will prepare them for life beyond the sports world and consider public speaking to be their career beyond the field. Orly teaches Soccerex attendees how to share their message while producing income through public speaking. Let’s meet Orly Amor!

Hi Orly, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I’m Orly Amor and my passion is making a success story out of everyone I work with. Since 2001, I dedicated my life to impact 200,000,000 people by helping them realize their own mission-based goals and dreams. My extensive experience as a Certified Behavioral Analyst has made me an indispensable coach to many influential corporate leaders.

I speak three languages fluently (English, French, and Hebrew) and have earned both an MBA and a Law Degree.

For the last several years, I have been known as The Millionaire Networker and have established a well-known coaching service: Mindset Mastery Coach for high-achieving professionals and to compliment this, I also am a Business Coach for Public Speakers.

What are you bringing to Soccerex?

I am so excited to be part of Soccerex! Bringing my expertise to the soccer world will allow me to create impact from the highest level. And, as we know, when you make an impact, you change lives.

Being a successful entrepreneur who has started five companies, a corporate trainer, bestselling author, and international public speaker, I have helped over 200,000 people around the world maximize their bottom line by tripling and quadrupling their sales.

I have dedicated my life and career to creating prosperity by helping others achieve their own mission-based goals.

As a Certified Behavioral Analyst, I show business owners and entrepreneurs how to recognize the different states of the human ego and how to utilize the DISC profiling system to influence decision makers and close the deal.

I share my simple three-step system for selecting, connecting, and converting prospects into clients.

Why do you feel Soccer needs your services?

In every sport, there is a need for continuous motivation and a thirst for the next level of success. As much as the coach is needed for the physical and game strategy aspects of an athlete\’s career, a Mindset Mastery Coach is good for the continued momentum of success. Furthermore, everyone knows that an athlete\’s career reaches a turning point where he or she needs to retire. Most don\’t have a coach to help them strategize their next career move and that is where I come in. I offer solutions during and after an athlete’s career as well as their transitioning phase.

How will an organization or athlete benefit?

I have seen results where previously my clients were in search of success, meaning and what to do with their lives. My system has increased NFL and NBA alumni sustain additional income both during their sports career and afterward. I can increase performance during training with a success rate of 98% leading to overall well-being in achieving a high-performance life with Mindset Mastery.

Turning to a career beyond retirement can be an incredibly lucrative transition or leave a former athlete searching for their next way to earn income and tell their story. Many public figures are made from prior success, and athletes can be one of the most successful motivational public speakers there are!

I share secrets of the speaking business as only a 16-year veteran can and in this, I bring my top tools, techniques, and strategies for setting yourself up for success.

How do you deliver your services?

I am often hired to speak to a sales team or executives about the Power of Closing the Deal as well as the Power of Public Speaking. I am also asked to give talks about the “No Excuse Mental Toughness to Achieve Success.”

I have been to 26 Countries and 19 states coaching high-end individuals in both the sports industry as well as the corporate and business worlds both on-site and virtually.

How can you be contacted?

I can be contacted on my Wellness Universe profile or on my website. I can also be contacted by phone 917-515-6803 and by email: [email protected]

Meet Orly Amor in person at Soccerex and attend her talks. Orly and her Coaching Services will be at Booth 128:

  1. Mindset Mastery – Self Development Talk:

Change Your Language and Change Your Life.

  1. Mindset Mastery – Business Development Talk:

How to Monetize your Experience After the Game through Public Speaking.

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