SoulTreat Fall 2019 Fair Proposal Form

The SoulTreat Effect is happening again …



WU World-Changer, you are officially invited to join our SoulTreat Retreat V.I.P. Fair for SoulTreat Fall 2019!



A Wellness Universe Community Event 


November 1-4, 2019 in Sedona, Arizona



The Wellness Universe (WU) believes the more lives we support to be happier, healthier and whole, the closer to world peace we will be. Taking the resources from to live events has been an epic success in creating true, deep, lasting transformation.


⭐️Please be sure you are a member of The Wellness Universe to submit your proposal. Join Here Free!


If selected, as a WU World-Changer, you will be providing an experience of a lifetime in a 1:1 mini complimentary session to our V.I.P. ticket holders. Please submit your proposal ASAP.

A $100 fully refundable (unless you cancel or a no-show) security deposit and your member retreat ticket for SoulTreat ($525) is due upon approval.


Spots available: 1 (as of 8/20/19)

Proposal due date: ASAP

Retreat Attendance: 125 people 

Goal: Connecting attendees to the best version of themselves and to wellness providers who serve authentically in deeply transformational ways allowing all guests to walk away feeling fully served and supported through multiple modalities of wellness.

Supporting wellness seekers with resources (you) to consult with for deeper transformation and exposure for wellness providers to expand their impact and grow their business and get community support.

Requirements: Deposit & WU World-Changer Ticket payment due upon approval. Attend from November 1-4, 2019.

General Public Event site: (Nov. 2-3, 2019)
WU World-Changer Event site: (Nov. 1-4, 2019)

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Proposal application below.


Intimate Sold-Out Sessions – SoulTreat Spring 2019

Dates: November 1-4, 2019

Where: Sedona Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ

A truly soul-healing, soul-filling and soul-connecting experience.

SoulTreat for The Seeker of Transformation and Wellness: For our guests, SoulTreat is a 2-day retreat filled with intimately crafted workshops and talks that support total well-being. Additionally, our WU Friends are invited to join us for lunch, morning hikes (vortex walks), morning yoga and an evening poolside mixer with WU World-Changers. 

SoulTreat Fair: Complimenting the SoulTreat workshops and talks experience, VIP ticket holders will have 2 hours of complimentary, one-on-one experiences during our SoulTreat Fair. 

SoulTreat is a 4-day Professional Connection & Retreat for WU World-Changers: In addition to 2 days of workshops, bonding and poolside mixer,  as a wellness professional you will be included in business building, support and exercises wellness professionals and leaders in the industry. Mega magic happens here for those of us in the business of transformation, health, wellness and well-being. This space is a non-self promoting time where we truly experience the epic-ness of our contribution to the world by coming together and masterminding, connecting, conversing and collaborating. Also, nightly experiences, like star-gazing and fire release ceremonies, bring us together.


We are seeking the best people and experiences to offer our VIP guests!

A prestigious seat awaits you! Connect one-on-one with our VIP guests along with promotion to over 14 Million people via, social media, and, printed advertisements and more!


Sponsorship Information: Email Events @  and in subject line: SoulTreat Sponsorship Info Request


***Proposal for The SoulTreat Fair below.***

Be part of the SoulTreat effect by giving V.I.P. ticket holders an experience they will never forget!

Our SoulTreat Fair is a 2 hour event on day 2 for our VIP guests and it begins before the workshops and talks that day. 

Crave 1:1 time with our attendees? Do you offer a wonderful experience?  WU World-Changers who wish to offer a quick mini experience (no longer than 8-9 minutes) that will give V.I.P. attendees of SoulTreat a pep in their step, a moment of relaxation, a moment of support, gained wisdom, a quick healing, etc. are who make up the SoulTreat Fair. 

After spending time with attendees of SoulTreat, connecting, bonding and creating new relationships, show them how you service them with your wonderful experience!

What are we seeking?

  • Energy Healing Modalities
  • Reiki
  • EFT
  • Attentive Wellness Practices ex. Breathing, Sound Wellness
  • Psychic Readings, Intuitive Readings, etc.
  • Mini Massage, Reflexology, Relaxation
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Coaching – Guidance for Life Issues, Guidance for relationship issues, Guidance for Health Issues, etc.
  • Your experience or service must be able to be done in a seated or standing position at your table/area.


You will be provided a table and 2 chairs at no cost.


Your signage and products can be on display for BOTH DAYS and you are allowed to sell products and services. 


SoulTreat Fall 2019: SoulTreat Fair Proposal Form

All proposals will be reviewed and professionals considered will be contacted via email for a follow up Zoom call for a final decision to be made. Before submitting, please read entire page.


Check to see what WU World-Changers are already providing for SoulTreat! Workshops & Fair Experience Providers


Copy and paste below in an email with your replies to all in BLUE to Events @


Full Name:  

*WU World-Changer Profile URL: (example: 


Experience Description: Give a detailed description of what you will offer during this 1:1 mini 8-9 minute session and if you have items to sell 

What makes your experience unique? 

Please include a link to photos, videos or more information:

By initialing you confirm reading this page fully and acknowledge a ZOOM interview will be necessary for final consideration and approval; Refundable deposit and ticket purchase are due ASAP upon approval and understand the requirements INITIAL HERE:


*You must be a member of The Wellness Universe, a WU World-Changer to be considered. Prior to submitting your proposal: Register Here


Refundable Fair Security Deposit: $100

SoulTreat WU World-Changer 4-Day Ticket: $525

DEPOSIT FULLY REFUNDABLE within 72 hours AFTER SoulTreat November, 2019. No refunds for cancellation at any time or no-show. Security deposit will not be applied to future events.


Payment for your SoulTreat 4-day Retreat ticket ($525) is due in full upon approval otherwise you forfeit your spot. You can purchase your ticket HERE once approved.


SoulTreat is an equal opportunity event in which we seek to have diversity represented.