Spiritual Energy Theme for November: Accessing your Personal Power

Woman sitting in lotus position with energy rays emanating from her

As a spiritual life coach, one of the assignments I always invite my clients to take on at the beginning of the year is to create a “theme” for the year ahead, just a short, pithy reminder of what quality or intention they want to embody this year. Now that we’re winding down the last few months of 2021(really?!) I really encourage you to start thinking about that for 2022!

And of course, you can also create separate themes for each month which is what we’ve done on our“Spiritual Energy” journey this year. That can be something that bubbles up intuitively, or you can take guidance from the cosmos and tap into the astrological influence in play at the time.

So, how can you use the zodiac to declare your monthly “Spiritual Energy Theme”? If you’re a Moon lover, you can find out what sign the New Moon is in each month and work with that energy. You can check out my blog on my website for ideas on how to work with each New Moon over the course of the year.

Or you can begin each calendar month with a set theme based on the solar energy beaming its way to us – your Spiritual Energy Theme!

Here’s how it works:

The Sun moves into a new zodiac sign anywhere between the 18th and 23rd of any given month. For example, the Sun entered Scorpio on October 23rd and will remain there until it moves into Sagittarius on November 21st. You can track that movement in any good astrological calendar, and I’ve also included those dates below for the past year.

So that means by the 3rd of November, you’ve been firmly planted in Scorpio energy for 2 weeks and can work intentionally with that for another 2 weeks or so.

Now I admit, I’ve always been a major Moon-mama (my Sun sign is Cancer, ruled by the Moon), and have led New Moon and Full Moon circles and meditations for women for over 20 years. I also know how powerful it can be to dive into a unique Spiritual Energy Theme based on the prominent solar energy lighting the way each month.

I’ve included below the topics we explored for each month in 2021 and you can view the videos for all the previous ones this year, too. That way you’ll be prepped on all the practical and magical ideas to fully embrace the year’s monthly Spiritual Energy Themes which you can then carry into 2022!

Take a look at this month’s video to get inspired about ways you can explore the Scorpio theme of “Accessing your Personal Power.” We’ll look more closely at the powerful energy surrounding us in this Scorpio season, as well as ways to tap into it to enhance both your home and work lives, especially when they’ve become so intertwined for many of us during this pandemic time.

Then I hope you’ll join me next month for our last Spiritual Energy Theme of the year, as we tap into the Sagittarius solar energy for “Rituals to Launch the New Year”


  • December 2021: Rituals to launch the new year​
    • Sun in Sagittarius starting 11/21

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