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Success 7 Ultimate Business Webinar for Health & Wellness Business Owners.

Well-being Professionals, Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Experts and Thought Leaders gain valuable insight with 7 Wellness Universe Experts.

Our WU Experts will share secrets in this FREE webinar that will change your business forever.

The wellness industry is estimated at over $3.7 trillion dollars a year. This includes coaches, therapists, speakers, authors, thought leaders, health counselors, holistic and alternative medicine practitioners, wellness service and product creators, etc. Everyone in this industry should be making more money and leading a thriving business. When your business thrives, it allows you to spread more wellness through connecting with more people. With greater success, you will create more impact. This will create a positive difference taking place in the world, in a bigger way, through you and your mission.

However, so many talented, passionate, wellness business people struggle. Why? If you are seeking to earn more, help more people, and make real impact with the service you provide, you need to attend Success 7. This is a free webinar specifically created for YOU, wellness business owner.

Implementing winning practices followed by passion as a wellness provider will make you successful. Sometimes we don’t even know where our business is broken to fix it or what ‘winning practices’ we need to implement. We can help. Success 7 is free and will shed light on business secrets that will change your business forever!

You are worthy of success. You are worthy of making a huge difference in the world. You are worthy of having a thriving business.


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New business, established business, small and midsize business, solopreneurs, don\’t miss meeting our experts. You will take away expert insights and tools in these strategic business areas:

  • Online Marketing & SEO, Michelle Evans
  • Communications, Jennifer Maki
  • Executive Life Transformation Coaching, Charles Eduardos, CHt
  • Networking, Orly Amor
  • Public Speaking, Orly Amor
  • Public Relations, Allison Kugel
  • Sales, Scalability & Time and Money Saving Systems, Lisa Mininni
  • Online Course Creation, LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. 

    90 powerful jam-packed minutes with a bonus Q & A session afterward.

    5 lucky winners will be randomly chosen during the LIVE webinar and each will win a mega-prize pack worth $2692!

    Just for signing up, you will receive $1277 in free business-building gifts from our experts.

Join The Wellness Universe Founders, Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse . Register now, seats are limited. Live webinar is March 21st. Please be sure to do these 2 steps:

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Looking forward to seeing you there. Remember, joining live will have the greatest impact on you and the chance to win one of the five mega prize packages values over $2500 each!