Summer Solstice: Celebrating the Light

June 21st is the longest day in the northern hemisphere, with the sun is at its highest point in the sky and the most hours of daylight. In balance, this is the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, where the sun is at its lowest point with the fewest hours of daylight.

The summer solstice is a time to release the darkness and celebrate the light.

It is the time to honor yourself and your path, and to focus on healing your very being. This special day is aligned with the element of fire, passion, and drive, and is the perfect time to take a good look at your life and take note of anything that might be out of alignment and no longer serving you.  

A great way to do this is to begin your day in mindfulness and ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Are you practicing what you preach? 
  • What is no longer serving you? 
  • Are you taking steps toward your personal goals? 
  • Are you honoring your spiritual growth? 

Getting ourselves out into nature is so important for our souls\’ growth and especially important during the summer solstice. 

Here are some activities that you can enjoy outside:

  • Host a bonfire with your friends and family.
  • Watch the sunrise/sunset.
  • Go on a nature walk. 
  • Make a crown out of wildflowers.
  • Make a sun wheel or sun mandala.

If the weather isn\’t cooperating or you are not able to get outside and celebrate, you could:

  • Treat yourself to a loving meditation.
  • Give thanks for the light that guides our days. 

Since June 21st also happens to be ‘The International Day of Yoga,’ another great choice is to practice the Sun Salutations.

This is a yoga practice that awakens the body intelligence to create energy directly from the sun.

I leave you with this poem written by Carrie Richards:

Summer Solstice

This was when the whole world measured time.  

This is when the light would turn around.  

This is where the past would come undone and the spinning earth will mark a new beginning.

Let’s go back in time, to when it all began.  

To the breaking of new dawns. 

Where moments bright with fire, would light the chanting song. 

Where pagans worshiped the sun and danced among the trees.  

Wore strange masks of covered straw and blessed cold ash with awe.  

Wreaths hung upon the door against all spirit’s, dire and when the winter’s grasp let go, the sun reversed the pyre. 

This was when the whole world measured time. 

This is when the light would turn around. 

So that spring arrives, and seeds will sprout and grow. 

Oh, radiant sun, stretch the day, shorten night. 

Return earth’s darkness into light. 

This is where the light will turn around. 

And this was where the past has come undone.  

No matter how you decide to celebrate the Summer Solstice, may your day be full of love and surrounded by light. 

– Jennifer

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