The 12 Steps to Wellness

The Twelve Steps to Wellness focus on the teachings of Dr. Peter Przekop, D.O., Ph.D. As Dr. Przekop was the Director of the chronic pain program at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. As a patient in the program in 2013, I experienced profound healing after suffering from chronic pain for over forty years. Dr, Przekop used a combination of osteopathic whole-person care, including Qi Gong, manual medicine, mindfulness, and education to help people heal. In addition to his specific healing modalities, Dr. Przekop viewed wellness from a holistic perspective. His approach was heart-centered. Before his death, I had the honor of speaking with him about summarizing his teachings.

  1. None of us were born to suffer

Pain is a signal the brain sends us to warn us that we have reached a limit and damage is imminent. The narrative we make about our sensations can make the difference between experiencing pain and suffering.

  1. We all have the ability to heal

We are born with powerful healing intelligence in every cell. Doctors can stitch a wound and set a bone but cannot tell the body how to heal. Only the body knows how to do that.

  1. Love with all your heart

Negativity is one of the changes in the brain that occurs because of chronic pain and is a distinguishing characteristic of it. In the process, we turn that negativity towards ourselves and close our hearts. Part of healing chronic pain is doing the work and finding the courage to open our hearts again. When we truly love ourselves, we heal.

  1. Get real about your healing

Look to your heart, and you will find the fortitude to get serious about your healing. This is the most important work you will ever do. You do it for yourself. And when you do this work, you and everyone around you benefit.

  1. Commit to your healing

The only one who can do the work to heal is you. Doctors, therapists, and other healthcare workers can help teach you focused modalities on encouraging the healing process. Healing is an inside job. Your commitment is a vital component of your healing toolbox.

  1. Do the work it takes to heal

You may realize that in order to heal, you need to change how you have been living your life. You may not realize that you have the courage to make such changes, yet you will find that strength when you look into your heart.

  1. Do the work every day

It took time for chronic pain to develop. The nervous system got used to reacting in an unbalanced way. In chronic pain, the stress response no longer bounces back to normal. Instead, it stays in the “On” position and sends signals of hypervigilance constantly. It will take time to reset your stress response to balance. And to do this, you need to do your healing work every day. Regular daily practice will repattern your nervous system from the frequency of chronic pain and back to balance.

  1. Get real about your healing (in case you didn’t hear it the first time)

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to embrace yourself and your healing. Get honest and make yourself a priority.

  1. Never let anyone or anything get in the way of your healing

In the chronic pain experience, self-esteem can take a beating. You may feel that you are not worthy of all the effort required to shift from the burden of chronic pain to a life free from suffering. It may seem that it is easier to focus on others than yourself. Yet, when looking outwardly, you block healing that can only be done by looking inside yourself. Do not let yourself be distracted away from your healing journey.

  1. Love yourself fiercely and without reservation

Love is a potent and profoundly healing medicine. When we are ready to heal, we get pointed right back to our hearts. We only need to open our inner ears wide enough to hear the message. Release any judgment about yourself. Fall in love with yourself completely and irretrievably.

  1. Accept what is

To solve a problem, we must see things as they are. Accept yourself wherever you are in this moment. Accept the world around you. Remember the Serenity Prayer:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Turn into the wisdom of the words in this prayer. You will learn to stop railing against the things you cannot change. You will take action when you can. And you will find peace and healing when you accept what is.

  1. Be grateful for all that comes your way; more will be revealed

Many studies have shown that gratitude has a profound positive effect on the brain. It has a similar vibration to love and is deeply healing. As you are grateful for what you have, know that whatever else is out there for you will come along at the right time.

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