The Angels Help: How Archangel Raphael Supports You in Interdimensional Healing

In the course of the global transformation process, there will be various changes in the area of healing and health in the coming years and decades. Therefore, you should connect with Archangel Raphael, he will show you what it is about. For example, it will become increasingly important to work on higher energy frequencies, when a healing process is started, accelerated, or supported.

The current healing methods will also work in the future, but they will become less effective. Expand your knowledge about the physical and subtle body and remember that mankind will change with the transformation process. Develop from being a doctor, therapist, energy practitioner, or whatever you may call yourself, to an ‘inter-dimensionally aware healer.’

Who is Archangel Raphael?

Archangel Raphael is certainly one of the most famous angels we know. He is known as the angel of healing and therefore also “big boss” of all doctors, midwives, nurses, therapists, and healers. However, as “big boss” he does not place himself above us, but at our side and supports us in all healing processes; and of course, every human being in his process of insight and self-healing, if he is ready for it. Archangel Raphael is, together with Ascended Master Hilarion, ruler of the fifth, green ray. His name is translated as ‘God heals’ or ‘Divine healer.’

Archangel Raphael represents the following important aspects of his comprehensive sphere of action:

Inner and outer freedom – width and space – nature – activation of the subtle DNA – being ‘healthy’ in the sense of ‘whole’ – new energetic healing methods – spiritual healing methods – activating the body’s self-healing powers – knowledge about new chakras, aura levels, meridians, etc. – serenity – inner peace – cell awareness – energy of the heart

With the help of Archangel Raphael, you can recognize and change the following blockades or behavior patterns, such as

* feeling restricted

* closed heart chakra

* stagnating healing process

* letting healing powers go to waste

* having given up all hope of healing

Archangel Raphael can also be helpful

* to allow healing

* to open up for people

* to become aware of one’s healing abilities

* to heal emotional injuries

* to open up for new healing methods

* to support all kinds of healing processes subtly, spiritually

* to understand illness as a chance

As someone who is not a doctor, it is of course not appropriate for me to speak about health and sickness from a medical point of view. I can only confine myself to the areas of energetics and spirituality, which stand behind everything. And there certainly are new discoveries and new information which reach us directly from the spiritual world.

Here I would like to pass along the following message to you, which I got from Archangel Raphael:

“You humans, who desperately are seeking new possibilities for healing, be prepared that what you have researched and learned during the past decades and centuries is only a small part of what ultimately constitutes healing.

To access this knowledge, you must drop your limitations and leave what seems to be the secure terrain of science. Prepare yourselves for that which the cosmos, the spiritual world, or whatever you want to call this metaphysical realm, will be offering in terms of new information. You limit yourselves tremendously and occupy yourselves too much with the search for evidence and the discovery of proof because you have no faith.

Were you to live and act more from your inner knowledge, you would be much farther along with your medical discoveries. We, the helpers from the spiritual world, will guide you and show you where the journey is going towards. If you agree to this, we can together affect a great deal, and what you call a miracle today will one day be your reality, your medical reality. I am Archangel Raphael.”

Archangel Raphael’s energy is also available in form of my Angel Aura Essence (you will find it on that works on the chakras and subtle bodies in:

  • correlation to the etheric body: the whole etheric body in connection with the physical body; especially the lungs
  • correlation to the mental body: transforming restrictive thought patterns and beliefs correlation to the emotional body: feelings of freedom; feeling ready for healing
  • correlation to the spiritual body: spiritual healing

And now, take your time, relax, and listen to my ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL HEALING MEDITATION! Enjoy!

Connect with Ingrid Auer on The Wellness Universe and walk away feeling better!

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