The Spirit in Volunteering

The Spirit in Volunteering by Robert Clancy #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #Volunteering

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Volunteers become immortal when they live on in the hearts of those they\’ve served.  —Robert Clancy

I’m often asked, “What’s your definition of volunteerism?” Although most people think of the traditional models, such as giving time or money to charitable causes. For me, volunteerism starts the minute you do anything to ease someone’s life—even is a simple way such as sharing your smile or a kind word. There’s a profound difference between ‘passing on kindness’ and ‘passing kindness on.’ Volunteerism starts in your heart and should be an unending journey of love.

When we join the human race, we seem to be constantly running along the shadows of doubt and fear, but through simple acts of kindness, we can steer ourselves out of the darkness. I firmly believe we’re never alone in this race because we are always held by the higher power. In times of doubt, I always remind myself that I can always win this race by simply believing in love—and that’s where volunteerism come in.

As a parent, I’ve found volunteerism to be a profound way incorporate learning into our daily family life.

I’ve taught my son from an early age that each day of a life is a blank canvas and there is always a choice on how you choose to paint it. Will you choose to color it with kindness, compassion and caring or will you choose apathy? Helping others provides an educational experience of what love truly is and how to bring this into your entire life—your career, your circle of friends, family, and community. I often tell him, “It’s true that if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life, but imagine if your job was loving, you’d live every day of your life working in happiness.”

I’ve found that many working parents are too busy to do extracurricular family activities let alone incorporate learning into their daily routines. Volunteering provides a perfect way to do both. For example, my son enjoys participating in the Boy Scouts, so I joined his troop as a volunteer Assistant Scoutmaster. Not only does this offer me an opportunity to spend quality time with him, but also a chance to assist him in learning various essential life skills, a compassion for others and a greater appreciation of community, while getting a great education on what it truly means to be a citizen. You can’t get this type of learning from a book—you can only experience it by living it.

When volunteering becomes part of your soul’s DNA it never takes away from life—it becomes what life is meant to be.

We’re all meant to lead others through our compassion. Never lose sight that someone always looks up to you.

All love & light!

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