QOTD for June 1st by Helena Kalivoda

QOTD for June 1st by Helena Kalivoda #WUVIP #QOTD #QuoteOfTheDay

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for June 1st by Helena Kalivoda.
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Here is her expanded thought …

My quote, “When the road is straight, do not look for a detour”, is from a book I have been working on for some time. It prompted me to reflect on the theme of listening to one’s inner guidance.

Learn to listen to your inner guidance, for when you are unclear about your direction, you cannot see “the straight road”. You believe the road cannot be straight as that would be too easy; that the straight road is blocked and avoiding it is the best you can do.

Life will offer you many detours. You can worry and complain while on a detour or you can perceive it as an opportunity for change and transformation.

Trust that you will eventually get back on a straight road. Let go of your worries and disappointments and summon your courage to learn and grow from your life experiences during what you think are confusing detours. When you embrace them, you are bound to encounter \’a-ha\’ moments and revelations and become clearer about your life path.

When I say do not look for a detour, it does not mean you cannot enjoy or choose your detours. At times, that may be where you need to linger. Or, perhaps, that which at first seemed to be a detour is the road to continue on. However, do not choose detours because of your fears, lack of confidence, or due to uncertainty and doubt that this is where you ought to be.

Learn to listen to your inner guidance. When you do, you\’ll be certain about your destination and the way of getting there.

Wean yourself from looking for roundabouts. Know that the straight path always exists for you to take and enjoy. Recognise the signs that beckon to you –  “Use me. I am the straight road for you to take.”

~ Helena

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