The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Anna Pereira

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Anna Pereira 139

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Anna Pereira

What path are you walking? Your own, or someone else\’s? When it feels right, you are aligned. You may know one of those \’always happy\’ people, they are a great example of authentic alignment. Read Anna\’s expanded thought on the quote of the day.

You were born with a very specific purpose. You may not know what that is yet, however, every step you take leads you there once you are in alignment with your heart, mind and spirit.

The vital part of your journey: Be authentic in your walk and talk. Many people are on a journey, yet it\’s more of a meandering than a path leading to somewhere.  If you are feeling lost, chances are you are not in alignment with your authenticity.

Sometimes we feel outside pressure to fit in, to not disappoint, to live up to being that \’something\’ someone else has implanted in our minds. These all come from fear. Fear of rejection, loneliness, letting someone else down, etc. The truth is, you are letting yourself down every time you tell that voice inside you to \’hush up\’. That voice trying to gently guide you back to your path, which requires you to be authentic and genuine.

Imagine, a rose about to bloom, ready to pop out to say \’Hello world! Here I am! Enjoy all of what I am!\’  and you wrapped tape around it, never allowing it to greet the sun it all of its magnificence. Kind of makes me sad to never to see or smell the beauty of that rose. You feel bad, knowing all the beauty contained within that bud will never come out and gift the world. An unfilled promise almost, by not being able to be all it was meant to be. This is just like a person, with their beautiful purpose stifled and potential never realized because they bound up their beauty and enchanting fragrance inside. The rose dies, never to bloom, no one ever enjoying the sweet fragrance since it never was released. Not walking in your light, authentically on your path, is like that rose, the world misses out on your sweet, divine gifts.

When you allow yourself to be loved and love unconditionally, by default you will include yourself. When you completely love yourself, you will do it unconditionally too! This means you will allow yourself screw ups and do-overs as well as celebrate your achievements and be pleased with yourself when you accomplish a mission. It\’s all good! Once you practice this, it is the energy, self love\’s energy, that allows you to accept all you are, otherwise known as: Realizing your self worth. Isn\’t that wonderful? It sure is.

Once your authenticity, unconditional love and worth are aligned, you can\’t help but be true to yourself. In turn you will be true to those around you. You will attract those in resonance with you and find your tribe, friends and community. You will ignite your soul and everyone will see it.

Only those out of resonance with their authenticity will not. Only those who are not walking in their authenticity will challenge you. The thing about shining your light and being on fire brilliantly are those who are in the shadows suddenly find themselves facing who they truly are. Their fear (i.e. jealousy, self doubt, etc.) might show and they might not like what they see with your light upon them. That\’s okay. What they think of you shining your light is none of your business. For every superhero, there is a villain that disguises himself as do-gooder. Keep shining and walking in your light. The brighter you glow, the more bullet proof you become to those negative energies.

Shine on and no matter who surrounds you, you will feel alive and exactly as a flower feels in full bloom; Doing what you do because you were born to and no one can stop you but you. Love yourself enough to bloom, brilliantly! And this Dear One, is your life in flow through aligning with your purpose.

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