The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Ashley Brewer

The #Wellness Universe #Quote of the Day by Ashley Brewer #WUVIP #Beautiful #thrive

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Ashley Brewer


Enjoy The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Ashley and find more inspiration on her page. Here is her expanded thought…


Trying to live life as an active substance abuse addict could be described as utter chaos and pure insanity, every single minute of every single day. The obsession and negativity that takes over our mind, body, and spirit, to me, feels like how I would imagine being possessed by a demon would feel. A living nightmare to say the very least. One loses all rational thinking and decision making, I know I did. I also lost the ability to look in the mirror and see a woman of self-respect, dignity, and confidence. All I could ever see was a disgusting, disgraceful, poor excuse for a human being. Those ill views of myself didn’t happen overnight, of course. It took many years of negative self-talk and the too-many-times I thought to myself that “I’ll never be good enough,” or “I am undeserving of happiness.” Today, I know, I was never any of those things nor am I destined to a lifetime of misery. It is a reminder of the dark state I was in. The place I never want to go back to. To ensure I never go back, I now focus on my recovery program to the best of my ability and replenish the areas of my being that active addiction destroyed.

One day, the inner battle stopped & I chose to see myself as the Universe intended me to be… A beautiful thriver, and indeed I am! And so are YOU! We do not need to feel defined by our past, our errors in judgement, or mistakes we have made. The only one keeping score is our ego. The truth is, all of that needed to happen in order for us to appreciate the here and now. We survived the pain of the past, and by not allowing it to have power over us today is what makes us thrive. From survivors to thrivers. One day at a time.


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