The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Bhavya Gaur

The Quote of the Day by Bhavya Gaur 110

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day

by Bhavya Gaur


Below, find Bhavya\’s expanded thought on her original, inspiring quote.


Our worldly conditioning starts the minute we are born. While growing up, we are told at some point to suck it up and be strong because expressing true feelings many times is considered a sign of weakness. As we continue to grow, our experiences combined with our conditioning also teaches us to not open ourselves for the fear of getting hurt, labeled or rejected. To protect ourselves, we create a facade and learn to hide behind a self-created mask of tough exterior. Even though its uncomfortable in the beginning, we get used to it, feeling safe and unthreatened in our own world. The minute we lose control over our emotions, we feel threatened and panic. We are afraid to show our true feelings because we don\’t want to get hurt and sharing our feelings and emotions makes us vulnerable.

We are social beings not islands living on our own. We are emotional, sensitive beings and our sensitivity helps us connect to others compassionately. Its a big part of who we are. Its only through this compassion we discover that whatever the physical or apparent differences, we all are the same deep inside. Our feelings and emotions make us human, so tear down that facade and express yourself. Expressing our true feelings help us heal and release that which is bottled deep inside, the past hurts, the pain. Allow your vulnerability to show because therein lies your strength.

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