The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Cheryl O\’Connor

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Cheryl O\’Connor

Cheryl shares a brilliant follow up to her featured quote of the day. Read below for inspiration and enlightened thoughts.

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The purpose of life is to live it. Your life is not waiting for you to make it better – it exists in each moment of now.

John Lennon once sang on the track “Beautiful Boy” – ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’. John Butler on his Tin Shed CD as a prelude to “Better Than” has also said he had diagnosed within himself and within society what he refers to as the mental illness of always wanting more i.e. when I get this I will be happy, then we get it and meh maybe not quite what I wanted so perhaps I will be happier when I then add this, that or the other. Perhaps it may also be a case of when I lose the weight, find that partner, ditch the current partner, fall pregnant, the children leave home or when I stop the drinking, stop the smoking, stop the whatever we have become addicted to in order to cope with life – then YES my life will be better, I will be happier, I will feel more contentment and peace and I will know my purpose.

Many spend their precious and limited time in a body wondering what their purpose is, I know I did for a VERY long time. What am I here for? I know I have something to offer but what? What is the point of my illness, all my bizarre dreaming experiences, all my pain, suffering and trauma and that of others in this World? How can I make a difference? I know I am here to do something to make a difference but what? We often get so caught up in wondering what our purpose is and waiting for our life to get better either living in our heads and bodies in the past, or in the future, that we don’t even see what is right inside us and in front of us right now.

Others are blessed and gifted with insight that shows them from a young age what they are here to do. For those who struggle with that and are waiting for whatever to manifest to answer the “What is my purpose?” question or waiting for the old when I ………. I will be content with my life – your life is already happening in each and every moment of it, whether you are physically awake or asleep and can be gone in an instant, as can the lives of your loved ones.

For myself yes the answer came, eventually – the purpose of my life was to live it, to the fullest I can which I had always done anyway. To take risks, learn lessons, jump at opportunities, to feel, to embrace and ultimately heal all the pain, fear and trauma within me that had been with me, from my perception, for lifetimes. To be real, to trust, to have faith, to do what I love to do, not what I had been conditioned to think I had to do, to simply just share my perception of life with others for them to take what fits, compost what doesn’t, to reach out to those I cross paths with, to assist where I can, whether that be the homeless guy in the park who needs a meal or an ear, the elderly lady struggling up the stairs with a suitcase at a railway station, the client laying on the table with tears about to drip down into their ears who just needs me to grab a tissue to dry the tears before their ears fill with salt water, or whatever the situation may be where a helping hand or word is needed. To be fully present in the moment of NOW and to observe what is going on around me and within me in each and every moment. To see the leaves dancing on the trees in the sunlight and breeze, the rainbow in the droplets of rain hanging off foliage, to hear the beauty of the bird songs and chatter, to observe the dragonflies and butterflies dancing and the ants who are always busy. To feel the wind, be absorbed and enthralled by sunrises and sunsets, smell the salt of the ocean and to be hugged by the warmth of the sun, to smell the flowers, admire the strength and beauty of the forests and to also admire the beauty and perfection in all that exists.

My purpose was not to be thinking about tomorrow, stressing over anything that may or may not happen, nor to be any longer caught up in past having fully felt and released the energy of it during 10 solid years of full on processes. My purpose was to live in the moment of right here, right now and to learn to savour each and every moment, to keep learning, to keep changing and growing, to keep loving, to keep doing the best I could and to be truly grateful for all of it in every single second of it. For who knows when it will be the last moment for any of us temporary inhabitants of a physical body.

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