The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Cynthia Miller

quote of the day sundayThe Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Cynthia Miller

Limited or limitless? You can create anything you desire in life. You, your imagination is that powerful! Read Cynthia\’s expanded thought for exciting, inspiring tips.

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Cynthia Miller 108

Everyone has millions of messages, ideas and thoughts throughout the day and when you receive a really good idea you want to run with, the imagination is the key to creating something really wonderful in life.  

It can also be the instrument that takes you down if negative ideas take over, but this essay will talk only of the imagination as support for manifesting wonderment. 

You might take an idea that you heard or saw someone do or you might come up with something that solves a problem. You might even channel an idea from another consciousness. Ideas come and go and in the work that I do, I constantly ask others to tap into their imagination for the vision of the future they want to create. 

It\’s important to have that vision clear in your mind in order to accomplish it, otherwise you get distracted or lose focus and end up lost and frustrated. The imagination is the instrument for the vision and the mind is the container. 

Once you have the outline of what you want to create, you connect your heart with how you want to feel while living in that manifestation and it becomes quite real for you that you are working toward that goal. You don\’t have to hit “save” or file it anywhere as the vision is always there when you go back to it.  

You can add more and make it interesting or complicated as you want and it\’s always there in your mind creating the foundation from which to make decisions and live your life. It\’s always there no matter how long you leave it or if you have to get back on track after those distractions.  

It\’s a powerful tool because there are no limits and working from the imagination helps you to remove any limitations you might encounter. You\’re able to heal events from your past with your imagination and you can dissolve those blocks simply by believing you can.  

You don\’t have to put up with the crazy beliefs that you have in the conscious world because the imagination is free to build in all directions without blocks. It brings a different perspective to your world when you give yourself the freedom to explore and expand from this place. 

If you limit yourself in your imagination, then you are not using it properly. Simply let your mind go to that place free from filters with childlike eyes. Let the process unfold as you allow it. Ask for help if you need clarity and step into the power of your intention.  

Now I\’m not saying that whatever your imagination can come up is doable. I\’m saying that the imagination is not used enough to manifest visions that are doable. It takes more than the imagination to actualize a vision, but it is the key to going above and beyond the norm of what you see before you. 

Cynthia Miller, CHt, MindSet Coach and Mentor taps into her imagination freely and has actualized a wonderful oasis for healing on the sunshine coast of BC, Pacific Peace Retreat where she hosts women\’s Detox & De-Stress weekends as well as private 1:1 healing retreats.

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