The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Gerry Straatemeier

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Gerry Straatemeier

What a blessing it is to see a senior member of The Wellness Universe have a quote featured! Gerry makes every effort to change lives through social media and projects, doing more than some young folk, she is over 70 and passionate about making a difference! See Gerry\’s expanded thought on her quote and a bit more about her mission ….


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As I write this post it is April and there is new life everywhere. I look out the window to a wall of bright Spring-Green leaves on the mesquite trees on our Sonoran desert. Birds can’t stop calling to each other and soon there’ll be chicks. Brilliant yellow flowers decorate all the Palo Verde trees – and the lettuce, broccoli and kale in the garden need to come in. It’s my favorite time of year.

Spring also signals time for the SEASON FOR THE EARTH at my page, starting on Sunday, April 5.

Most everyone who is reading this is already aware that we human beings are just one tiny part of a huge ecosystem that stretches far beyond our imagination. And that our little nest within it, the Earth, is in trouble.

Mother Earth is our mother too, and when we shed this earthly body, it shall return to her. In our physical selves, we are OF the earth. PART OF the earth. “Dust to dust,” as they say.

As we awaken more fully to our true nature and we know our oneness with all of creation, we also come to know our spiritual power to effect change where we direct our loving focus. Right now we direct our healing Love-Light towards our Mother, Earth.

The Problem: We can see that in ignorance of our oneness with Mother Nature, our being just a tiny part of Her infinite realm – and in the false belief that we are somehow in charge of things WAY beyond our understanding – humanity has, you might say, fouled our nest.

We are all part of the problem – It’s not “the corporations.” They don’t exist except through us. We have to own up the fact that if we drive a car, invest in a business, use our computers and devices, eat food and wear clothing from halfway around the world – and it’s hard to avoid those things in this day and age – we are all contributing to the problem.

We do what we can. I recycle. I grow organic vegetables (even here in the desert), we compost; solar panels provide 95% of our electricity. But it isn’t nearly enough. We certainly don’t live off the grid and walk everywhere we go. Gandhi’s self-sufficient spinning wheel is a stranger in our house – we wouldn’t know where to start.

The Solution: I don’t have one. Not a concrete solution. Sorry!

But I do know that we will never solve this problem at the same level of consciousness that got us here. The consciousness of fear and lack (arrogance and greed) and a belief in our “separation” from the whole rest of life got us here.

We must work to rise above those things in ourselves before we can effect any change in the problem. (Fear consciousness). You and I know that no matter what the question, Love is always the answer – and we know that with our concerted Love -intelligence and -focus a solution will manifest.

For the past 3 months on my page, we have been celebrating 64 ways to practice Love to bring about peace, during the Season for Nonviolence. I created an original poster for each practice.

Now as we begin the Season for the Earth, we pivot to how to practice Love to care for our mother, the earth, and all fauna, flora, soil, air and other goodness we share her with. During these next three months, I will collect and share informational and inspirational resources, quotes, practices about nurturing, healing, blessing and transforming our planet. There are already plenty of good things happening which we can celebrate and lift up. I invite you to also post links to relevant content on your own pages so that we can focus a collective wave of Love to the earth.

First practice: As a beginning, I invite each one to take a slow and mindful walk outside, preferably away from traffic, and just contemplate your relationship to your mother the earth over your lifetime. I invite you to consciously appreciate and give thanks for her beauty and her bounty, not just during that walk, but each day send her your love. I’d love to hear your experiences.

Namaste, I love you,



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