The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Marianne Nielsen

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Marianne Nielsen & Expanded Thought

It\’s all right to choose to turn away from those whose energies are not aligned with your higher self; however, when you turn away, do so with love not judgment. 

There will always be those in our lives who show up carrying judgement and negativity, and when we feel these energies it either shuts us down or we find ourselves judging them where they are. Their negativity filters through to us and we join in with those energies.  

So then we make the choice to no longer include them in our lives or we ignore them, and more often than not, we release them with the very negative thoughts and energies we have taken on from them or which may still reside within us. We catch ourselves thinking, they’re so annoying, I can’t stand them, can they never say anything nice, why is it always about them, and so on. 

When we do this we stay connected in negativity and if you pay attention to your thoughts you may find every time you think of this person it is in an unkind and judgmental manner. And as many of us are aware, this harms us more than it does them. It takes us away from our truth, our center as a loving being. 

It is okay to disallow those you do not feel energetically connected to or aligned with, into your life. To really release them, I have found it’s imperative to open to my awareness and when I catch myself thinking of them in judgmental ways I say to myself something like, “ I release all my negative thoughts and energies about Jane/John. I send her/him love and light. It is their path to follow. I choose love and light.”  

I have discovered that the more I say this these individuals gently leave my life. They make the choice to have nothing to do with me because I no longer choose to connect with them at that lower level, and I don’t feed into their darker needs. Also, for me I can gently release them along their journey knowing we are connected at a higher level and the choices they make are theirs, as are mine. And in that there is perfection.

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