The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Monica Jones

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Monica Jones

Move through your grief. Monica Jones contributes to our quote of the day with an expanded thought to help you heal.  Living through the loss of her child, she uses her suffering as an amazing gift to help.

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The name that we put to the Tsunami of emotions that takes over us when a loved one departed from the physical world. Just like it, our heart receives waves of anger, suffering, pain, guilt, envy, and fear. These feelings go into the deepest of our hearts and it seems that we may drown in them because it feels like we cannot breathe. It is like being dropped in a hole and then a Tsunami just hits that hole over and over again.  

The journey of grief is a journey of emotions. 

Honoring and embracing each emotion is vital in our healing process. It is not enough to wait for time to pass because time doesn’t heal, our emotions do. We can spend years and years suffering; we may hide them in the mist of our day to day, but we will not heal until we have the courage to feel our emotions. 

To heal is to live without reviving painful memories, to re-build our lives from ground zero, to allow our hearts to be broken open and re-build from within. 

As we start to heal peeling the layers of each our emotions, as we start to re-build our lives, we may find that underneath those drowning waves are beautiful gifts hidden. We start to transforming grief by transforming anger into peace, suffering into joy, pain into freedom, guilt into acceptance, envy and fear into love.

We may discover that we have not only found our way out of the hole but one day we may be laying down on a calm beach.

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