The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day By Rhonda Hendricks

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day By Rhonda Hendricks

Today\’s Quote of the Day, by Rhonda Hendricks, gives way to her expanded thought. Positive encouragement enticing us to be more present. Our lives are filled with what we did, what we want to do, we sometimes forget that the joy is in the journey. Enjoy the day, and enjoy her expanded thought.

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In this busy world and life, it is so easy to let our mind get consumed with all we have to achieve, accomplish, do, etc. We have become better at “doing” than simply “BEing”. We are not human doings; we are human beings. If people would do a little self-check as to where their thoughts are mainly at, I would make a safe bet that they are probably not on what is happening right NOW. Life is always Now. Life is always now, right here in the present moment. The present moment is our friend. You will find that you will have more peace, be less depressed, and less stressed if you would keep your thoughts and your awareness mainly on what is happening in the present moment….your Now. Your past is history, your future has not yet unfolded, you are only on the step you are on, right now. Wherever you are, learn to BE fully there. Remember, Life is always…Now. When you learn to BE and mainly live in the present moment, you are submitting to the flow of Life. Make the present moment your friend and see your happiness and contentment levels sky rocket! The present moment is truly your friend….my friends.


With much Love,

Rhonda Hendricks

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