The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Sharon Carne

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Sharon Carne

Our quote of the day come to us from Sharon Carne. Music is a miraculous healer, is her message. Read her expanded thought below.

Sharon C WU 51

Words and language have been a source of communication, learning and inspiration for human beings since ancient times. Sharing thoughts, ideas and knowledge with language allows our minds to take flight with insight, understanding, brilliance and creativity. 

But words are not humanity’s original language. Music is. Two flutes have been found in Europe that are believed to predate our use of language.  

For tens of thousands of years, music and sound has been a core value and primary element in every community human beings have created on this planet. Why is this? Because the human body and being is a natural resonator for sound.  

Music needs no words, it communicates directly from heart to heart allowing us to feel connection, community, compassion and other values that have their core in the heart. When music communicates from soul to soul, we directly experience the bliss, harmony, love, peace and those highest qualities that connect us with ourselves as soul and with each other as one connected being.

Thank you Sharon!

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