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Hema Vyas Heart-Set Class Prosperity

As a psychologist, human capital strategist, mentor, and speaker, what I have observed is that sometimes the most heart-centered leaders can have unconscious blocks when it comes to prosperity. A common, dominant intention for empathic personality types with a high degree of spiritual awareness is to heal and be of service to others. At a deeper level, money isn\’t given the same level of significance, and this can be reflected back in what becomes manifest and comes to life.

I put in a call to Anna as I believe prosperity is our birthright and would love to help this inspirational community collectively rise to greater levels of prosperity and in turn, positive impact. With some creative fire, Heart-Set Prosperity quickly took form.

It’s my pleasure and privilege to facilitate these beautiful and powerful teaching and learning circles for personal development and collective evolution. I would love for you to join us on this journey.

We can solve what we own and acknowledge

With real openness and vulnerability, here are some of the truths and challenges shared by the group:

  • How prosperity infuses many aspects of life, except work “I\’m grateful every day for all the abundance in so many areas, except not my business. Why?”
  • The pain of knowing there is a message in you that will serve many yet feeling stuck and wondering “How come others get to do it?”
  • How frustrating it feels to be subjected to a barrage of endless marketing ‘must-do’ tactics that don’t feel aligned – wanting to know “the right way to speak to the people who need to hear my message”
  • The yearning to move beyond a space where needs are met to a position of real cash flow coming in – financial independence – and the resources to make more of a positive impact and contribute to the world on a larger scale
  • Having made the choice to value your work more and take often hard decisions to alter business and audience models, yet feeling it’s an in-between space – wanting the guidance to move further into the vibration of prosperity
  • How to shift with grace into more of a space of faith in times of transition
  • With a clear strategic vision in place, how to release energetic blocks to prosperity and work on the quantum layer
  • A deep and often unconscious question is, can I receive prosperity for doing the work I love?

Can you relate to any or all of these? What was wonderful about this open-hearted session was the level of group resonance. Much has been researched about the power of a collective of people coming together with shared intentions. I see this myself, in every program, every group meditation, every event…groups come together for a reason. Whether you were able to join live or catch the replay, everyone has something to bring energetically that another, or many others, need.

#Truth – You dont need to choose love or wealth, purpose, or security.

True prosperity balances needs and wants in love, health, wealth, passion, and purpose

My intentions for the course ahead are to:

  • Guide an exploration of any spaces and places where there may be resistance to really stepping into a prosperity consciousness
  • Grow levels of consciousness so that we not only serve ourselves, but we serve others around us more powerfully
  • Share how prosperity can become a lifestyle rather than something that we look to achieve in our lives
  • Show how when you further embody and radiate your purpose, you organically attract into your life what you need. As opposed to thinking about what you need to do in the world, you start thinking about who you need to be in the world, and how this way of being can become a powerful vehicle to attract the people, moments, and experiences that will pave your unique way to greater positive impact
  • Shift from 3d reality and into 5d reality where we don\’t have to ask for what we want and where we can clear some of the empathetic responses and resistance to fully receiving as well as giving
  • Strengthen your connection to your heart intelligence, an inner GPS that guides you to the unique set of actions that will allow you to evolve in yourself and support others to evolve to grow in connection with their own hearts – this is the collective prosperity we are here to co-create

Just some of the ways we will get there and our next steps

  • Work to clear the resonance of scarcity that can be held in the body, often this can be inherited and therefore is unseen. The beauty of Gyana yoga is that you don’t need to know what specifically you are releasing in order to experience feelings of lightness and expansion
  • The planetary energies of this time support our growth and amplify our positive actions, the tools I will share help align heart, mind, body, and universal energies
  • These 12 monthly sessions will be really interactive, with plenty of space to share. The journey will be a balance of spiritual education – timeless concepts and ideas – as well as meditations, Gyana yoga mudras, and movements that allow us to fully embrace who we really are and what we are here to create

When we are vibrating at a level where our hearts, minds, and bodies come together in alignment, we become channels for everything that is good and positive that exists in the world. And when we become channels for these qualities, we are better able to attract the levels of prosperity that we need in order to be of service – that also allow us to feel healthy, to experience and work with the creative energy of love, better able to connect with wealth through our purpose and passion. Prosperity is not just about material security or wealth. Prosperity is about all levels of your wellbeing in balance and harmony.”

~ Hema Vyas

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