Using Fear As A Compass: 3 Steps to Being Brave Part 3

Using Fear As A Compass: 3 Steps to Being Brave Part 3 by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BravePart3

In Using Fear As a Compass, 3 Steps to Being Brave Part 3, WU World Changer Laura Di Franco will share about Step #3, Doing Brave- The Key to Fear. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week\’s Part 2!

Step 3: Doing Brave- The Key to Fear

We practiced feeling brave in Step 1, and thinking brave in Step 2. Now, I’d like to introduce you to the ultimate game changer when it comes to transforming fear, action. Right in the middle of your action is going to be the shift, the dissolution of your fear. It’s action that changes everything, and what creates a new, healthier pattern in response to future fear.

When you’re feeling everything and in touch with the thoughts in your head, observing them from the outside, you’re in a state of heightened awareness and mindfulness that serves you. But if you sit around all day feeling and thinking, but not doing anything, nothing much is going to happen. You have something you want to do, want to say, or want to start. And the only action is going to get you there.

The big problem with taking action for most people is it brings up more fear.

Fear of making a mistake. Fear of failure. Fear of judgment from others, etc. The thing is, you’re here to change your life, so this’s the step you’ll have to master if you’re interested in what else is possible.

Action can be in the form of anything really, small or big. You can make that phone call you’ve been wanted to make. You can pitch that magazine. You can ask your friend for a connection. You can request that raise. You can leap and ask for a divorce. You can tell the person you love them. You can apply for your dream job. It doesn’t matter what you do. If it’s aligned with your desires and dreams, there won’t be any mistakes, only redirects. The Universe is good at this – trust and surrender to it.

This is where you’ll need to jump and grow your wings on the way down.

Difficult I know, but necessary. You won’t be any more ready. You don’t need to take one more class, or read one more book, or have one more coaching session. The “education” is in the doing. Really.

One of the best ways to start the journey, to train for the race, is to go ahead and sign up for the race. “But I haven’t trained properly yet,” you say. Believe me, as soon as you sign up there will be little more that motivates you to get your ass into your running shoes. Take the leap.

I had a little “fear” of being on camera and running a Zoom meeting recently. I had been on many of these kinds of calls but never hosted one. To take care of my fear, I went ahead and created a Zoom workshop, signed up for the account and then got busy figuring it out.

As soon as I “signed up,” I’d taken action to move me through the fear. Brilliant. Proud to say I just completed that workshop and it went splendidly!

Your fear is boring. It’s keeping you paralyzed unnecessarily. It’s stalling you. It’s creating doubt and then procrastination. Time’s a wasting – better get on with what you came here to do because if you’re the one left sitting, stuck in your fear, you’ll be watching as the others pass you by.

It’s time to go a little more badass on these kinds of fears.

We’re here to change the world for goodness sake. Let’s step up. Fear can be a compass. Start using your fear as a challenge. Have more fun with your fear. Feel the feeling, notice the thoughts, and then choose a new way to act, a way that overcomes the fear and moves you down the path. Every step is movement, no matter if it works or not.

Life’s too short to let this kind of fear ruin us.

We’re leaving our legacy by doing what we came here to do, speaking up and expressing our messages and sharing our gifts. We can do this.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my new book coming soon, “Brave Healing: Powerful, Practical Tools for the Journey,” and if you’d liked this blog and craved more tools to get you started today, head over to and check out the workshops page!

Join me in the comments with how you notice, think about, and deal with your fear. What’s worked? What is still a challenge?

– Laura

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