Visibility Breakthrough: Seven Steps to Feeling Safe, Supported, and Seen

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Wanting to be seen and heard, yet simultaneously fearing being more visible is totally normal. That push-pull is a sign of the care and investment you’ve put into your business. Every visibility opportunity is an important decision, so of course, you will sometimes feel uncomfortable about moving forward with it, or not.

You may be tempted to just do it anyway when visibility opportunities come your way, yet, without the right structure in place to support you, you risk solidifying your fears rather than breaking through them. The bravest thing you can do is to show up for yourself first and listen to the wisdom of your body, heart, and soul.

You can do this without getting stuck in that scary place or pushing against your fear. Before you commit to any visibility opportunity to which you think you should say yes, here are some steps to support you as you decide what feels right for you:

  1. Name how you are feeling

What are the emotions coming up for you about this specific opportunity? Excitement? Dread? Terror? Rather than ignoring your emotions and numbing them out, sit with your feelings.

  1. Notice what your inner voice is saying about that feeling

Our thoughts dictate our emotions. When you feel hesitant, your thought patterns are likely creating that feeling. You may think, for example, I’ve worked so hard to get to this place in my business, what if I blow this opportunity and lose it all? Why can’t I just be happy with the level of visibility I already have? I’ve noticed in my work with clients and my own experiences that when we tell our inner voice to shut up, it just comes back louder. It’s totally possible to sit with the negative thoughts without buying into the story.

  1. Notice how you physically feel in your body

Do you feel a fluttering? Clenching? Gripping? Do you feel it in your stomach, head, hands, or shoulders? When was the first time you remember that sensation and what happened? This will give you an idea of what this present visibility opportunity is triggering from your past.

  1. Ask those feelings what they need from you and honor them

Being visible will push your edges, especially around the themes of safety, security, and belonging. The more you practice seeing, hearing, and honoring yourself, the more you will discern whether what you’re feeling is a full-on NO or simply your body communicating a need for extra compassion and support to move forward.

  1. Give yourself the time you deserve to unpack what you are thinking and feeling

This is your business and your life. You honor yourself by taking all the time you need to make emotionally clear and grounded decisions. You may have learned and experienced scarcity and urgency as a business tactic (and a life skill), but it is not how New Earth leaders move through the world. Your process will not always work for other people and that is OK. Florence Scovel Shinn said, “There is no loss in Divine Mind.” If the opportunity falls away during your process, trust that it was not the best fit for you.

  1. Align with your Human Design

I am an enthusiast of using Human Design for decision-making and marketing aligned with your soul. When you know your Human Design type, authority, and your open and closed energy centers, you will know how to genuinely share your work and magnetize aligned visibility opportunities to you with more ease. You can get a free Human Design report online that reveals these basics. Additionally, there are members of the Wellness Universe who are trained and certified in Human Design who can support you at deeper levels. I also partner with a Human Design expert to support my Bold Heart Visibility VIP clients.

  1. Consult Your Chiron

As wellness entrepreneurs, we are especially adept at seeing and supporting others in their healing. Interestingly, you may struggle with that same challenge. The location of Chiron in your natal chart will hold the key. For example, my Chiron is in Aries, which is about healing the parental rejection that stood in the way of me expressing my true self. I have always had passion and strength in communication and connection, while simultaneously feeling utterly invisible for decades. Once I started the journey of healing my childhood wounds of parental rejection, abandonment, and injustice, a whole new level of gifts and magic was revealed to me.

  1. BONUS STEP! Balance your root and solar chakras

Your root chakra supports your visibility by helping you stay centered while you communicate from a place of connection. Your solar chakra will help you stand in your power and feel clear in your values, which in turn supports you in sharing your perspective with conviction, even when you are shaking in your boots. (Eclectic Energies offers a free online chakra test to reveal which of your chakras needs attention).

When fears about being judged, making mistakes, hurting people’s feelings, or being kicked out of your community are active in your field, you’ll hold yourself back from being visible. You also hold the power to make a different choice. These steps will help you start releasing those blocks. If you’re committed to transforming your visibility with compassionate support, work with someone who you believe can help you make your vision more visible in a way that feels right for you. You can learn more about how I support my clients in this way on my Wellness Universe profile.

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