Jim Phillips\’ Wednesday Wisdom for April 3rd

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Welcome to Jim Phillips’ Wednesday Wisdom for April 3rd! Each Wednesday, WU World Changer Jim Phillips will share some mid-week wisdom for you to ponder and embrace!

“What is it in me that this is so?”

Regardless of what takes place in our lives, we are a contributing factor to what happens.

However, it has been my experience that more often than not we humans will accept a positive experience in our lives as something we created or were deserving of, yet when it comes to a less than positive experience we look outside of our Self to other people or circumstances.

Are the circumstances really outside of our control? Granted we don’t create everything that happens in our respective lives, but we are always a contributing factor, and yes, we are the constant in every experience we have.

It could be as simple as a decision that was made to be at a certain place at a certain time and when we arrive something unfortunate takes place. If we had only arrived at a different time, maybe then the unfortunate experience would not have impacted us or happened at all. We can blame traffic as the reason we are late for a meeting, when in truth if we hadn’t procrastinated, we might have avoided the traffic and made the meeting on time.

Many experiences are the direct result of less than ideal decisions made out of alignment with the experience we truly want.

For example, we have a speaking engagement the next day but instead of preparing for the event which we have a strong desire to knock out of the park, we decide to party at a friend’s house. The next day we get up in no condition to deliver the presentation as we envisioned, and the result, a poor presentation and perhaps lost future opportunities.

These are obvious examples but what about those that are less obvious? What about the numerous times you were on the brink of success and at the last minute, you self-sabotaged your efforts and therefore your chances of success? How do you contribute to those experiences? What were your thoughts and beliefs leading up to the outcome?

Here is a four-step process that results in the experiences we ultimately have. We have control of every step of the process except for the consequence of the action. However, if we are responsible while going through the process, we positively influence the consequence of our actions towards the experience we desire.

Everything begins/began as a thought. We weigh the thought against what we believe. (The thought itself can now become a belief as well.) It is against our beliefs that we make choices and from our choices we take action. The action we take results in the experience we have.

Thoughts-Beliefs-Choice-Action = Experience

Whether the experience you have is one you would label beneficial or challenging, ask the question, “what is it in me that this is so?” Dig deeper and ask, “What beliefs do I hold that either holds me back or propel me forward? What beliefs do I hold that cause me to accept or reject the goodness of life that is available to me?

We are the ultimate authority in how our lives unfold.

We determine the experiences we ultimately have in life. Recognize the extent (limitlessness) of your personal power and create the life experiences you so strongly desire.

See you back here this time next week for my Wednesday Wisdom for April 10th!

– Jim

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